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lg e739 stuck on cyanogenmod CM7 boot logo

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  1. valzpride

    valzpride New Member

    I recently tried putting a new rom in my lg e739 and it was cyanogen mod .. This did not work my phone is just stuck on the bootlogo its not going anywhere. Can i get help on how to get out of this screen or what software i can use to restore my phone. Ive tried the hard and it keeps doing the same thing going back to that screen. :confused:.. Please help

  2. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    Sorry to hear that man, 1st things first, can you get back into clockworkmod?
  3. Empero6

    Empero6 Active Member

    Had the same problem, heres the solution. Before you do this though, backup your phone! Before you flash cm7 or any other rom, remember to wipe the delvik cache and factory reset your phone. Dont worry, youll still have the data in your sd card if you saved the backup in there.Should stop the boot looping :D
  4. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    Thread moved.

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