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  1. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    I hv been using LG eve for only 4 days & i found the screen freezes - there is no display - but keyboard & touch works ...I have faced it 4 times in last 4 days!!! this is really annoying.

    you will receive msgs & other things - but the only problem is no display. had to restart it to fix the problem all the time...(pressing power button & guessing/touching where the confirmation prompt will show up)

    I always turn on the gps & wi-fi.

    is it a common problem or only my cell??

    update: this is now happening frequently- it happened 6 times in last 30 mins!!!! expecting more to come...

  2. x IF all IE IN

    x IF all IE IN Well-Known Member

    Me and my girlfriend both got this phone on the same day and having the same damn problems. I'm thinking it might be because we are running a task killer app. Same one I used on my magic with no problems. We just deleted the task killerand ill update ya if you wanna know how it goes. Besides that idea I'm clueless, but its really annoying.
  3. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    I hv just got a new (replacement) phn (LG eve) from Rogers -went to the store twice (on 2 different days for this prob ) & finally they replaced my phn. i was lucky i could show the problem to roger store guys today - it happened again in the store today...

    let me know if you got any clue/solution for this problem - i hv not tested the new one yet.

    I guess LG's custom home screen is causing it - once i found it crashed. If i face it with this new phn - i may try the default android home screen ...& if it still happens...hv to dump this cell...

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. x IF all IE IN

    x IF all IE IN Well-Known Member

    So far since we botb ditched the task killer apps our phones have been bad ass. No problems since. Just an update.
  5. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    the rogers guy did factory reset twice (cleaned all my installed apps) - & it happened twice without that task killer app (i had also downloaded that task/phn killer)!!
  6. You have to change the settings. The default for screen to black is like 10 seconds. There are options in the Settings>Display menu. I have mine set to 10 minutes (if you use that, or Never, for example, you use more battery life).
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  7. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    That's no the problem.

    The screen remains black all the time. This problem is not related to screen timeout...
  8. Well, I was just trying to help.

    Sorry to hear about your issue.
  9. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    My new phone is still running without that problem (for 3 days) - may be that cell phn has that problem only!
  10. I've had this happen a few times as well. I have to take the battery off, put it back on, and wait a few minutes whilemy phone restarts.it always seems to happen when I'm receiving a call. Not very convenient.
  11. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    you should return ur phn & get a new one. This prob is really unacceptable.
  12. Eurodobe

    Eurodobe New Member

    I've had the same problem since my second day with this phone. It was pretty intermittent. When I called Rogers they told me it was a hardware problem. It quite all together on me today. They're sending me a new replacement.
  13. pathwalker

    pathwalker Member

    I was thinking about getting the eve but after reading all these posts I'm very concerned about getting one?
  14. evanhooydonk

    evanhooydonk Member

    I have had the LG Eve from Rogers for a week now. A day after I bought the phone, the screen locked up, as described here. I got a replacement phone. 3 days later it's now doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. I love the phone, and hope that it's a matter of adjusting some settings.
  15. I have contacted lg support and referenced this thread. I'll let you know what they say.
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  16. Eurodobe

    Eurodobe New Member

    I hope they have an answer. I'm now without a phone at all. And the new replacement Rogers sent out on November 24th is "lost in transit" and the LG Eve is out of stock. Bad omen? lol
  17. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    Have you tried using the Android Home instead of LG home. it's under utilities menu.

    I have found LG Home program had some problem...crashed 2-3 times on my last phn.
  18. evanhooydonk

    evanhooydonk Member

    Thank you! I'm keen to resolve this quickly.
  19. evanhooydonk

    evanhooydonk Member

    I have not yet, but will try, if you think it's worth a shot.
  20. Here's what they said:

  21. evanhooydonk

    evanhooydonk Member

    I got the same reply from LG today, as well. Not very helpful, as this is obviously a hardware issue. I spoke with someone at Rogers, and they suggested calling the Helpline at Rogers to see if they have a patch for this issue. That's my next step.
  22. zunnun

    zunnun Member

    This phn is not stable yet.... my phn still crashes in every 2-3 days...not sure whether the h/w or the s/w is causing this...
  23. saowsaow

    saowsaow Member

    Greetings to all.
    I am in France, I just got the LG GW 620 "Eve" from a french provider.
    I am having the exact same problem: Sometimes I cannot "wake" the phone from standby. The screen's backlight turns on but not the screen itself. This has happened even with a well charged battery. Another french user had the same "crashes" even before installing any app from the Market...

    Apparently LG is not thinking in upgrading this phone to Android 1.6 or 2.0. (I contacted them on The LG GW620 Smartphone )

    I think I will return the phone to my provider... but I am afraid that they might give me a replacement phone that will have the same crashes...

    Has your providers (Rogers) given you any patches for the phone?

    This is a shame, because otherwise this phone is great...
  24. evanhooydonk

    evanhooydonk Member

    I have not yet called my provider, Rogers, as the phone has been stable - with no crashes - for over a week now. I didn't do anything different to the phone. I'm still going to call Rogers for support, just to see if they have any advice, in case the problem re-occurs. Good luck!
  25. qwaszx

    qwaszx New Member

    I'm at my second LG phone with Rogers and still have the same issue. This might be a problem with android (see http://androidforums.com/htc-hero/11373-hero-sleep-problem.html and http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=4582).

    The phone will randomly not wake up from sleep, only a back light will light up. The phone features seem to work (i can hear the click sound when pressing on the hardware picture button, and can take a phone call by pressing the menu button) but it is impossible to see anything on the screen until battery is pulled out and phone is rebooted.

    I have android 1.5
    Open Home (same problem with dxtop, and more often with dxtop)

    Does anyone have a phone with no apps installed running the default android home. I would like to confirm that this is still a problem.

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