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LG EVE!!..??.. Q n A..

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  1. DChico

    DChico Member

    Yo, sup. Im david and i am planing to get the LG EVE:D. Right now i have the SONY ERICSON W5800i (had it for 3 years now) and in march i will be able to get a new phone and be locked in for another 3 years. So ive been digging around.. i went from the I PHONE, SONY XPERIA X1 to finnaly LG EVE!!! I reserched it in and out, heard all the good things and bad things, and i want it.

    first question 1.) it it a good phone beside the defaults 2.)how is it when you talk.. does it have good quality.

    To be hounest i am not geting an internet plan (so im paying a bit mor for the phone $70-$130)(thats what i have a computer for). Im actuall geting this phone for the key board, 5mp cam, and stuff like that. I know i know this phone is for internet but i want to know if 4.) the internet runs the phone like do simple things take u to the internet? 5.) can i lock the internet so it doesnt go to internet by itself. 6.) Do you pay for WiFi(Wifi is having a wireless home internet and connecting with that right? :confused:). Is this phone good for the non internet usage.

    7.)Do you recommend this phone 8.) are some of the problems on the phone because of internet viruses.

    TNKS all i have allot more questions but i cant remember so i might ask some later

  2. BiggDaddy

    BiggDaddy Member

    Hey there,

    Did you get the Eve yet?
  3. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

  4. DChico

    DChico Member

    @ BiggDaddy: no not yet. somtime in march. tnx for the feed back!!

    @ largecharge: Wow i realy enjoyed your review. it answered allmost my questions.it realy help. i liked how you not onltold me about the bad things but you allso had a good amount of pro's. Its better than most revies. Tnks for th feed back!!!
  5. davidomackay

    davidomackay Member

    I wouldn't recommend the LG Eve. Then again I don't have much experience with other smart phones. The iPhone does everything faster than the LG Eve.

    LG eve has its good side and its annoying side. I know rogers lets you return the phone if you haven't used it at all within the first 15 days.

    Give it a try.
  6. Russki

    Russki Member

    The sound quality is not that great, very often high pitch resonates in your ear. It drove me nuts first month, but after a while you get use to it. On the other hand BT device for your ear works great.
    I'm somewhat happy with the phone. If u not going to use data, or just use Wi-Fi occasionally then it's OK phone, otherwise I'll suggest to wait for a new devices with more advanced Android or other OS.

  7. ajandroid

    ajandroid New Member

    well what I would do is when you get the phone turn the wi-fi on I assume you have wi-fi at your home if not go to a coffee shop and yes it is free. Then DL an app from the market called APNDroid its free. This app allows you to turn off all data but still allows you to receive MMS and connect to Wifi if you want. Also since your not going to be using data you want to go to the dialer as if to make a call and enter this code*#*#4636#*#* this brings up a hidden menu that can only be reached this way. select phone information scroll down to set preferred network type and change it to GSM. This will drastically improve your coverage and increase battery life it just turns off the 3G high speed network that you will not need. Once you do that I think you will be happy with the phone. I like mine but I would also recommend dl a few apps like app killer because the phone seems to randomly run tones of programs for no reason and you need to kill them every so often. Hope that helps
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  8. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    hi there, just a question from what you suggested. I got the Eve not too long ago, currently on the ROGERS "pay as you go plan", so I don't have "data plan". The guy there informed me to call rogers to "block internet access" even though I don't have data plan. Supposely I can still get charged for some data transfer or sumthing. So I called rogers to block internet access. Noticed that my "3g" on the top notification bar is gone now.

    Question is, is there any difference from what I did, to what you have suggested, where you download "APNDroid" and go from there. Notice that @ some places my phone can't get reception, while others are able too. Don't know if it's the phone itself that has a bad reception or because my "3g" is dis-abled.

    thanks for your input.

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