LG Eve unlocking sim card carriers

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  1. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    anyone un-locked there LG eve so that any sim card carrier can be used...

    is it something that you can do yourself, without having to pay someone. has anyone done it them selves, if so, is there a website with instructions and such...


  2. Kayen

    Kayen Member

    i ebayed my code, and then followed simple instructions, and voila done. It'll cost you $5-10
  3. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    hi kayen..

    i just purchased the unlock code, but cannot find the instructions to unlock the gw620r eve..

    do you still have the instructions..

  4. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    please dis-gard my last message...

    eventually found the instructions.. for those who have the code and need structions...

    Unlock Instruction for LG GW620R
    1) Power ON your phone with SIM Card that the phone is locked to
    2) Type 2945#*620# from the dialer
    3) Enter UNLOCK CODE
    4) Press OK
    5) Device is now unlocked

    just a question, if i were to up-date the phone soft-ware, would i need to unlock the phone again, or just the one time and that's it.? thanks
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  5. crammer

    crammer New Member

    Followed northyorkguy's instructions (thx btw) with a code from Ebay, but keep getting "network unlock request unsuccessful" . I haven't eliminated possibility of it being a bum set of unlock codes, but
    (a) does it ping the network or is the code authentication local to the phone? (i.e., will it still work if I don't have a data plan, or 3G is disabled?)
    (b) rogers unlock dept said I need to boot up with the non-rogers SIM card first. Any truth to that?
    (c) finally, what happens after 10 attempts?

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