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    Apr 3, 2011
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    LG is late in getting into the tablet game, but hopefully not too late to make a difference. They have a slightly different idea in how a tablet should work and they are coming with Android Tablet named LG G-slate on T-Mobile and it's got price details and other information here:

    LG G-Slate Price and Overview

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    Anyone able to get one yet? T-Mobile's web site has it listed, and you can add it to your cart so I'm assuming it's shipping (it doesn't say it's not).

    I'd like to take a look at one, although they are smokin' crack if they think it's worth what they are selling it for:

    Suggested retail $749.99
    Instant discount -$120.00
    Mail-in rebate card -$100.00
    Total $529.99

    Yes adding the cell connection adds a little to the price, but since they are also getting your contract data plan money they should just price them like a regular WiFi tablet so that people will only have to consider the data plan price instead of the higher cost and contract price. Just price them at a real market value, with a real MSRP so you don't have to play the discount and rebate game for marketing purposes. When you're discounting $220 right off the bat, the real price should start at $529.

    Oh and mail in rebates are crap, everyone knows its a scam to just hold onto your money for 6-8 weeks while they "process it". Plus they know that a percentage of those mail in will get lost somewhere in the process.

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