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  2. iowabowtech

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    Never seen it or heard of it and I'm constantly in IRC where these sorts of issues usually surface. CRAZY that you've had 4 of them. I'm wondering if it could be specific to the t-mobile variant? I've tried several times to recreate the issue, went to Engadget just like yourself and I can't select anything by dragging my finger. Quick memo...never have the jacked up lines like yours. 4 phones is just insane. Sucks you've had that much trouble.
  3. mobrienjr

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    I have not had that issue either. My notes looks different than yours, maybe because I am on verizon. Have you tried to do the calibration process with it sitting flat on a surface?
  4. vahdyx

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    Yeah I've calibrated no luck. It may be just the T-Mobile variant. On Google Plus and Android Central there's many more having my issue however it seems to be only T-Mobile phones.

    I can't figure out what's triggering the issue. I turned off my screen timeout and left the screen on for hours and nothing.

    Yesterday I went to NFL.com to do my weekly picks and it went bonkers until I toggled the screen. The phone was off for the bulk of the day.

    Today the phone started acting up when I started using "Themer" in the first video. And the second video I reset the theme back to default and it started acting up when web browsing.

    The video was taken with a GS4.
  5. streetkilln

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    dude the posters above you are lairs... hate to say it but it is a known issue. theres been countless reports of the touchscreen issue like that.
    go check out xda, androidcentral and even the carriers forums.

    iv seen quit few posts of this and videos. mostly with the tmobile carrier and few other carriers.

    have u took ur case off and try using it. it may be the cause of the case pushing up against the thin bezle
  6. vahdyx

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    So since this is my fourth phone I didn't keep it naked however the third phone I did. The third phone showed the same symptoms.

    I'm glad its a known issue. Do you know if its software or hardware? Hopefully LG will fix it
  7. streetkilln

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    hmm. yea must be a tmobile software issue.

    if u went through 4 of them and others gone threw a few with the same issue it has to be tmobile software. may be wrong tho could be the hardware used in the tmobile variant.

    but how would this go through testing. so many people have the issue.
  8. vahdyx

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    Its impossible to replicate and I think that's the problem. Like in my video if you turn off the screen it fixes the issue momentarily so my theory is those that don't use the phone heavily typically won't see the issue. However screen on time doesn't seem to be the only prerequisite.
  9. nj02vette

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    Because someone has never seen the issue for themselves, nor seen a thread on XDA does not make them liars.

    I suppose because I've never seen that, haven't been able to recreate it, and honestly don't remember seeing a thread on XDA about the screen problem.........I'm a liar too, right? :rolleyes:
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  10. jikhead

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    To the OP, in your video 2...I have a similar problem with my Verizon version. I too can just be scrolling and it automatically selects things. It's like it's too sensitive. By my similar issue then spins off to another issue of my own whereby it starts zooming in with a blue border copy-like thingy. I too have to turn my screen off to get it to stop. See my post here.

  11. streetkilln

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    na i was just kidding.


    but there are threads about it .
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  12. iowabowtech

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    Its all good. I followed the links and did some of my own searching and there are several people clearly dealing with this issue. Definitely a frustration, I hope it can be solved at the software level. That might be best case scenario at this point.
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  13. vahdyx

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    So with various different threads


    It appears to definitely be a software bug. Well that's the hypotheses at the moment. To temporarily fix the issue you just need to turn off and on the screen. This makes me think there's something going on with the touch system of the software. It only happens when the screen has been on for a while so perhaps the touch system is recording or calculating the information and gets too full and then causes it to freak out? I'm speaking from my... butt I know. Its just a uneducated guess.
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  14. linksmask1

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    I have Verizon and have experienced exactly the same issues as the second video where the phone clicks as it scrolls. Turning on show touch data in developer options shows normal finger swipes with crazy erratic blips at the end.

    Very frustrating issue given how hard it is to duplicate and current lack of solution.

    As people on XDA said, post complaints to LG G2's Google+ Owners Community and Facebook. Maybe it'll light a fire under LG's butt to fix the issue...
  15. to serve man

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    Many people expressed concern, but the best way is still to contact your carrier and have them open a ticket, and also contact LG directly so they can build their database with these complaints.

    Social media is nice but unless it is thousands of messages under same problem, it won't get much attention. I just received my G2 today and will only start using it this Saturday once my screen protector and case arrives. Hopefully I am one of those without (or with a very mild case of) this problem.
  16. Tatu_77

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    I've had the same issue with my LG G2. I got mine from T-Mobile as well. Mine doesn't seem to mess up as frequently as yours but it does it a lot and it's extremely irritating. I've found that you can fix it temporarily by finding something to wipe the screen with that won't cause any reaction on the screen. I like to use a thick blanket or a pillow because using a jacket or shirt that I'm wearing will cause a response from the screen. Hope that helps
  17. dannywest1968

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    I as well have had these similar issues. Wild web scrolling, typing a text or email and looking down to WHOA WTF? and wondering what language im typing in that would have 4 consanants or vowels in a row, unresponsive and or super sensitive screen, random buttons being pressed, draw screen in memo freaking out with squiggly incompleted lines and corners, etc... And I read all the neigh sayers post... Clean the screen...take your cover off.... Screen protector has bubbles in it... Blah blah blah. Well did all that, no dice. Ordered two sprint variants, mine had screen issue, my wifes didnt. Yay for me. Tried new roms, took kit kat update, cleaned the screen again(hahaha) still no difference. Read about all the issues week after week, still no dice. Bought phones off ebay, they sold out so no swapping, even got low down and tried to con my wife out of hers. A text or email of this size wouldve taken well over an hour to type when the same could be done on average in 10 mins. All the mistakes and double and triple typed letters and corrections....gee whiz! I ordered a complete screen digitizer kit and put it in myself, problem solved. Typed this whole reply with a dirty screen in a dirty otterbox with dirty fingers and no problems. Timer still running, took 15 mins to type this and think about what to type and correct MY BAD TYPING, not my bad typing and the phones...(hahahaha) try the chepaest one on ebay sold in usa screen digitizer combo, bout 90 bucks. WELL WORTH IT
  18. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    Good to hear.

    Suggestion. Next time, try voice recognition on your keyboard. :D
  19. dannywest1968

    dannywest1968 New Member

    Hahaha. Well call me old fashioned, but i prefer the ol typewriter. I guess maybe i should look into it. After rooting any phone, thats one of the many apps and bloatware i freeze to streamline my phones to sip on ram and battery. But i'll try it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I was just excited to give to the community on a "fix" for this annoying and nagging issue. The voice recognition wouldnt of helped with the wild web scrolling and or premature zooming and accidental entering and executing. But point taken and dually noted. Thanks again. I just hope i helped someone
  20. PattiCakeUS

    PattiCakeUS Well-Known Member

    I got my G2 about 2 months ago, I've had zero issues with my touch screen.

    **If I just jinxed myself & start having them now just because I said that... I'm not going to be happy :p
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  21. creator69

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    So I've now sent back a second phone for screen issues. The first was a couple of months ago and the screen started jumping all over the place. The one I just sent back this week ended up getting a dead spot in the screen, half the time it was unresponsive. I think I might be done with lg when I can get a new phone in nov. I might wait to see what android silver is going to bring in FEB and if VZW will be involved.
  22. Sanket Uchil

    Sanket Uchil New Member

    Hardware problem are the major issues in the leading brand's phones. In fact LG g2 has encountered countless hardware issues. I would recommend using mediocre phone with Cyanogen enabled phone as it is worth the money.
  23. Schance17

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    Yes it is a hardware problem. Lg doesn't seem to have put anything in place to stop the phone from overheating. I am on my second G2 and I am having the same problem. Mine is a Verizon G2. I think the phone is getting too hot and damaging the touchscreen where the processor is. Mine seems to die at the upper portion of the screen in front of the processor. This is so aggravating. I can't wait till I can upgrade and get a different phone.

    Best thing to do is get insurance on the phone and claim it under the coverage plan. They will replace the device for you. I guess you just have to keep replacing it until you can upgrade.

    Hope that helps!
  24. Luvi Nadeil

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    Lg g2 Sprint same unresponsive screen problem was told it's bein recalled

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