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  1. jellies

    jellies New Member

    Is there any way to delete apps that the phone originally comes with? Also, how do you close an app when it's not in use? I tried to force quit it in the application settings of the phone but the icon is still in the task manager.

  2. he6rt6gr6m

    he6rt6gr6m Well-Known Member

    I am unaware of a way to uninstall apps that come pre-loaded.

    Download 'Task Manager' for your latter problem. Great piece of kit. (Barcode attached.)

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  3. rikkib

    rikkib Member

    There is actualy 3 ways I have found to remove the pre-installed bloatware, they all need root permissions though (if you don't have root but still want to do this then get Universal AndRoot).

    1. The easiest way is to use Root Explorer from the market but this isn't free.

    2. Use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) in the Android SDK for free instructions here to perform an "adb remout" (to mout the file system R/W) and "adb rm" (to unintall the app) commands after connecting your device to your PC via USB (enable USB debugging under "settings/applications/development") and starting the ADB server from the Windows command prompt or under Linux using the Terminal, navigate to your android-sdk/tools.

    2a. You can alternitavly perform an "adb pull" command to backup any of the .apk's you decide to remove incase you would like to restore them at a later date (removing some can cause problems).

    3. Using the Android Terminal Emulator. This way is free too, All you have to do is "su" (for root access[superuser]) "cd /data/app" and do a "ls" (to see the list of installed .apk's) then a "rm" (to remove it)

    Hope this helps someone.


    @Mods, maybe sticky this thread?
  4. ravindrakumark

    ravindrakumark New Member

    Guys, is there any interesting apps across any segments for android 1.6. I am using optimus for a week now and I need some interesting apps. Thanks in advance guys...
  5. he6rt6gr6m

    he6rt6gr6m Well-Known Member

    Depends what you want, mate. I'd recommend one of the YouTube video downloaders, so you can watch videos without incurring data charges. I also have the ASTRO File Manager, which is the best by a mile for me and the task manager mentioned above. Facebook, Seesmic (twitter), Opera Mini (currently trying out SkyFire beta, which is good), Androrb (if you use Orb streaming), Barcode Scanner (for scanning barcodes like the one above), eBay, myPlayer (BBC iPlayer, probably UK-only), ShopSavvy, SMS Popup, SyncMyPix (if you have imported all contacts from Facebook), Xbox Live Status Widget (for Xbox 360 users.)

    They're the ones I currently have, along with a few more personal-preference ones. (TNA Wrestling, Soccer Livescores, Wallpaper Set & Save)
  6. OBL98

    OBL98 Active Member

    Hey guys.
    Do any of these games work on the optimus??
    FIFA 2010
    ModernCombat: Sandstorm
    Need For Speed Shift
    Doodle Jump
    Assasin's Creed
    Hero of sparta
    Angry Birds
    Thanks OBL98
  7. soulclaimed

    soulclaimed Member

    nova NO
    ModernCombat: Sandstorm NO
    gangstar YES

    theyre the only ones in ure list i have checked.

    there are some other decent games that ive played that do work such as

    winds of steel
    toon warz
    guitar hero world tour
    raging thunder2
    mystique chapter3
    tiger woods
    spiderman toxic city
    spider man toxic city
    ANGRY BIRDS LITE BETA (sometimes forced close when starting)

    Asphault 3d streetrules is sketchy may just be where i got it from but the graphics were very glitchy

    maybe with the 2.1 upgrade (if that ever happens) the others will be available

    speedforge wont work, it loads fine but there is no button for acceleration
    i will edit this from time to time with the games i've tried
  8. OBL98

    OBL98 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply... could you try the beta of angry birds?
  9. soulclaimed

    soulclaimed Member

    i myself have a question, is there any way to install the applications to my sd card as i keep running out of app space on the phone.
  10. OBL98

    OBL98 Active Member

    apparently there is an app for that and on android 2.2 you can do it on the mobile without installing any apps.
  11. soulclaimed

    soulclaimed Member

    @OBL98 i updated my list with angry birds just incase you hadnt noticed :)
  12. OBL98

    OBL98 Active Member

    Oh yh, thanks about that :)
  13. karabasev

    karabasev Member

    please can anybody tell me CAN I UPDATE LG GT540 1.6 TO 2.1 WITH SDK Manager AND IF I CAN, CAN I LATER BACK TO 1.6
    PLEASE TELL ME SO SOON BECAUSE tomorrow I plan to buy ONE PLEASE WRITE TO ME HERE AND TO MY MAIL karabasev@gmail.com :rolleyes:
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  14. Penelope1292

    Penelope1292 Member

    Hello, I have a problem with my LG GT540 smartphone. I need some help.

    yesterday i upgraded my phone to Android Eclair, and today i can't download applications at all! Actually the process starts, but it stands stable at the point where it says "Starting download", though no positive results are coming!!

    I need some help, it's an emergency!
    thank you
  15. senky

    senky Member

    try factory reset. After update of device is recomended but not necesary. I hope that will help. (settings/privacy)
    app from sd card can you instal or it makes the same error?
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  16. Penelope1292

    Penelope1292 Member

    I tried the Factory reset, and it didn't work either. What do you mean applications form sd card? I have no applications on my phone since I updated my phone to Android Eclair (except from those that are automatically installed)
    Do you have any other ideas?
    I need help!!:/
  17. Lofty :)

    Lofty :) New Member

    I had the same problem.
    After you factory reset what e-mail address do you sign in with into the app market?
    It needs to be your gmail account or it will not let you download any apps it only gives you the message 'Starting Download'
  18. bebebnst

    bebebnst New Member

    Yes, i have the same problem. How to set an app installation to my SD card?
    or is there a way to move an app that already installed in my phone storage to my SD card?
  19. DEAD x Slipkno

    DEAD x Slipkno New Member

    Download 4shared from android market, and from 4shared, download root explorer and many other cool, free apps+games!!
  20. Phantogenic

    Phantogenic Well-Known Member

    You'll need a rooted phone to be able to do this. Have a look at this thread Rooting your GT540 This may answer a few questions.
  21. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

    Root your phone and you can delete anything

    But don't touch any Google apps, they are vital to work the phone.r
  22. lavimani

    lavimani New Member

    how to root ?
  23. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

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