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LG GT540 Firmware 1.6 -> 2.1 HOW ?Support

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  1. albert_htc

    albert_htc Well-Known Member

    I've bought 2 x LG GT540 phones for my son & daughter..

    Both are from the Carphone Warehouse and both are Android 1.6

    I've downloaded the LG support tool & USB Drivers and have tried then on Win XP & Win 7.

    Windows detects the phones and we can mount the SD Cards, but the LG Support Tool doesn't see either phone.

    So how do I upgrade them ?

    I have 2 kids pestering me to upgrade them then they can install their apps etc..

    Merry Christmas

  2. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member


    You know that you can search this forum... here you go!

    But find first the best suitable firmware for your country and carrier... ;)
  3. ExHuMeD

    ExHuMeD Active Member

    Djolle its best if you explain that doing your method will void the warrenty, the best way is to do it official, have you tried unmounting the sd cards then load up lg support?
  4. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    Usually unofficial updates will void the warranty. Same reason i'm holding on for the official update :((
  5. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member


    You guys are funny...

    First of all, I saw at many forums (including this one) that official update not working or brick the phone - rather than unofficial...
    Second, unofficial way still use LG Service updater (whatdoyouknow - LG repair centers use it) :p
    Third... who will know which method you used and how anyone can tell that if you brick the phone??? :confused:

    Still, there is a planty of help from community members if something goes wrong (many people bring phones from dead) - that you NOT gonna see from LG officials. :cool:

  6. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Yap, Unofficial way (KDZ Updater) is better than the official way... Most of the devices get bricked by the Official tool... & if sth happens while using KDZ Updater it's easy to fix...

    While using the KDZ Updater Just read the instructions and prepare your PC carefully, then update.. During update just ensure the connection between your phone & PC don't get interrupted....

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