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LG GT540/Optimus 2.1 update network connection problemSupport

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  1. mrmarmiite

    mrmarmiite Member

    Hello everyone.
    Im new to the android os, and yesterday i updated my gt540 to android 2.1 from 1.6.
    Since then, it takes alot longer to send sms messages and an extremley long time to receive them, sometimes hours.
    Im on o2 PAYG simplicity
    i'd be very grateful if anybody could help me with this situation :mad::confused::(:(

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Sometimes after a major OS upgrade it's necessary to clear the phones cache or do a factory reset...
  3. mrmarmiite

    mrmarmiite Member

    Hey, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, this made no difference. I used the official lg updater so if i took it back to the Carphone Warehouse (bearing in mind it was only a week ago i got the phone) that my warranty will still be in place?
  4. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    If doing a clear cache or reset from the recovery menu did no good than it's possible that you've either got a hardware issue with the phone causing the slow-down or maybe a problem with the OS image itself. Under that circumstance a trip to the wireless store where you got the phone would likely be appropriate...
  5. mrmarmiite

    mrmarmiite Member

    can i just clarify that by clearing the cache you mean clearing the browsers cache?
    or am i just missing something here. sorry again, newbie to android ;P
  6. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Most Android phones have what is known as a recovery menu. Recovery is accessed by simultaneously holding down the Power, home, and volume up buttons from a powered off state. In this menu you can load updates, new ROM images, and clear the cache partition on the phone. In what I described above I was referring to clearing the cache partition from this menu.

    For some odd reason Recovery mode does not always exist on Android phones... so this might not work for you.
  7. mrmarmiite

    mrmarmiite Member

    Well, i've discovered that by turning off 3g connectivity i can send and receive messages, use my browser etc. however, when 3g is enabled, messages no longer work and my internet is on and off.
    Any ideas why/how to fix?
  8. ExHuMeD

    ExHuMeD Active Member

    Im getting the same problem as mrmarmite i whent through many procecces, and couldnt figure out why my messages somtimes failed to send and was taking hours to recived somtimes, then i turned off 3g like mrmarmite said and so far everything is working again.... but its kind of a bit problem as i pay to use 3g internet when im on the go so if i have to disable it, basicly renders my phone worthless :(. but.. i will say this i dont think its the upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1... as i had the message problem before 2.1 its only now that i get the internet fails with 2.1 :( any help is apresheated
  9. mrmarmiite

    mrmarmiite Member

    Well i had no problem with messages and 3g connectivity issues before the update. I was going to take it back to carphone warehouse for a repair but i dropped the phone onto a plug socket and cracked the screen so im not sure if they will repair/replace it xD
    just wait for another official update, might do the trick...
  10. aidy1972

    aidy1972 New Member

    I can also confirm, same phone GT540 updated to android 2.1 on Christmas Day, ever since I get "Server not responding" messages on screen when open SMS page, takes a long time to send SMS.

    Also got a block of messages received at early hours in the morning (around 1:50am) from various people, I know they weren't sent at that specific time because they were all happy birthday messages.

    It's getting annoying now because I'm getting replies to messages I sent a few days ago... I don't know if sender has only just received the message and is instantly replying or they replied instantly and I'm only just getting it.

    Also things like web browser and the youtube app are constantly saying either timed out or no connectivity.
  11. medeneusniice

    medeneusniice Member

    I Have an LG GT 540. I tried to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1 yesterday. I downloaded what i had to & followed all the steps as shown on this page. GT540 All Phones Mobile Phone

    The "Analysis" & "Download" & "Update" All went good. Then before going into the last step, It went into emergency calls or mode nd the screen went blue. A msg popped up, saying something like, there was a connection error, please Disconect the usb cable from phone take battery out & put it back in nd reconnect it pc nd press continues.. well something like that i dont remember the full msg. I did just like it said... Well nothing happend. The phone went dead!! It doesn't work at all anymore, it's not functioning at all, i tried to hold down the volume key button & start, also many other things but nothing works. it's just dead. it wont charge, usb doesnt work. Absolutely nothing works =(((( I followed all the steps correctly, please help me!! i just got this phone couple days ago

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