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  1. hammy100

    hammy100 New Member

    Hi, I know there are lots of threads about this but I've read loads and still really struggling!

    I've downloaded the LG Mobile Support Tool and all the suggested USB drivers, files etc. However when I connect my phone it still can't find the device in order to upgrade. I've disabled the usb mass storage option on the phone and the computer tries to install the relevant driver but that fails too.

    Is there something else I need to do? (I'm using windows Vista)

    Thanks in advance if you have any ideas!

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  2. tomasita

    tomasita Active Member

    sorry but vista does this all the time, you should use it with windows xp or 7 that should fix it. I'm sorry but Vista is really bad for an operating system
  3. xxcbzxx

    xxcbzxx Member

    have u set it to "Debugging Mode?"
  4. gazella

    gazella New Member

    i know what are u going through
    i just recentrly figured out how to get it.. but still dont have the upgrade
    first you need to go to lg.com and download LG Mobile Support Tool to PC:

    Mobile Phone Support

    after you have downloaded it, on the same page there is a tab called Detailed Guide and all the steps are there to get the software update

    now this, if u whant to know why my prob is so you can avoid it , is that while my phone was in the update tab just before the completed tab my gril gave me a ring an all the process stop, i try it again and got another call interrupting my update alsmost about to finish. i tried a 3rd time but this time it wont even let me get into the last window displaying the update tabs, it just tell me as soon as i open the lg update tool that i already have the most updated software on my phone and i still have 1.6
    maybe you still dont get this until your on thet part of the process but you will and hopefully get it right

    but this is how its done.. gluck
  5. TangoTapper

    TangoTapper New Member

    Has anyone successfully upgraded from 1.6 to 2.1?

    Just to cheer you up, Hammy100, I tried for hours the other night.
    It got to 4% of the install - and just stopped.

    Eventually I sent off an email to LG Tech Support.
    They said that Google had withdrawn 2.1.

    So I have given up for the moment! (Provider = Tesco)
  6. CowboyDan

    CowboyDan Active Member

    I have gone from 1.6 to 2.2.1, had some problems, but all explained in the Cyanogen Mod topic in this forum
  7. TangoTapper

    TangoTapper New Member

    And the good news is . . . . .

    I have successfully upgraded from 1.6 to 2.1 using the LG Support Tool.
    I did nothing different to my abortive efforts the other day.
    The only difference was, of course, the file that was downloaded.
    Has LG fixed something?
  8. xlomo

    xlomo Active Member

    A piece of advice, avoid using the usb ports on the frond of your pc case.
  9. sniperdeano

    sniperdeano Member

    hi there. thinking of upgrading from 1.6 to 2.1, can't use the official lg updater as it still says my phone has the latest software already. been reading up on the kdz updater and think i'm gonna go down that route. my phone is lg gt540go on o2 payg, just wanted to know which is the most stable 2.1 rom to use ? also don't wanna lose boot animation either. any help would be much appreciated. cheers.
  10. ranseen

    ranseen Member

    Mobile Phone Support: Ok thank you very much for bringing this to are attention, I have just been told that they verified the update. With regards to your Updating issue you can send the handset to us and we will update it for you at our repair center. Please call 0844 847 5454 and select options 1 & 3.
  11. ranseen

    ranseen Member

    No you can use:Mobile Phone Support: Ok thank you very much for bringing this to are attention, I have just been told that they verified the update. With regards to your Updating issue you can send the handset to us and we will update it for you at our repair center. Please call 0844 847 5454 and select options 1 & 3.
  12. OscarOwen

    OscarOwen Member

    Hey. I've had the same problem with my GT540. I'm using windows XP. All the drivers have been installed and yet it doesn't recognise that the phone has been connected. Has this problem been resolved or should I email LG? This is really annoying because LG claim it's easy to upgrade :mad:. Thanks
  13. tony102smith

    tony102smith Member

    i had similar problem, got to 4% and stopped. I contacted LG, they advised it was down to O2 not releasing the software update to their customers.

    I spoke to O2, they advised it has not been released yet, and they dont know when it will be. Pretty poor on O2 I think, for withholding something that has been around for months, and without any idea of when they will allow their customers access to it.

  14. fayraz

    fayraz Member

    I have exactly the same problem as other people yesterday I downloaded the LG update software and installed the relevant drivers and the program cannot see my phone keeps saying its disconnected? Even though I get the option to use it as a mass storage device on the phone I have even tried setting the phone in debug mode.
  15. OscarOwen

    OscarOwen Member

    OK listen up everyone! I have successfully updated my gt540 to 2.1 and Ill show you how.
    Step 1: Make sure your phone is not on mass storage. This will make the computer pick your phone up.
    Step 2: Connect your GT540
    Step 3: Open the update program.
    Step 4: Download MobileSync.
    Step 5: Click 'Start Updating'
    Step 6: Have patience
    Step 7: Enjoy your 2.1 phone :D
    Hope this helps you all! Bye now! :D
  16. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    MobileSYnch? Is that part of the LG update tool?
  17. OscarOwen

    OscarOwen Member

    Yes mate I think it might be. It just lets yousync your phone and pc together. :D
  18. OscarOwen

    OscarOwen Member

    Yes i have and all i did was disable the usb mass storage option and it just popped up. Not sure if it'll work for you however as i am on o2:D
  19. babazade

    babazade New Member

    ı think lg updater cant work in turkey...do ı have any other option? pls

  20. YouTu_01

    YouTu_01 Well-Known Member

    because , your content provider, hasn't realesed the update yet, options, only unnofficial roms

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