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  1. tut123

    tut123 Member


    I am running 2.1 and some software I want uses 2.2+. So I was wondering, is it worth it to upgrade. I read on here where people have problems with certain phones features with certain upgrades.

    I use wifi, bluetooth and I have 32GB SD card. All work well. Is there a release the works with all of these or is it better not to risk it? Just wondering.


  2. tut123

    tut123 Member

    A lot of views, no replies.

    Well, reading all the problems folks are having after upgrading to 2.3.x, I'll stay with the official 2.1 release. Everything I want works fine.
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  3. sregnov

    sregnov New Member

    if you have a spare phone to use, you can experiment and upgrade your gt540. i myself am on AOKP 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich.
  4. tut123

    tut123 Member

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