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LG GW620 2.2 update

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  1. jamesysilber

    jamesysilber Active Member

    Ok so here is a new way to get the update for android 2.2

    I have tried it myself and it works perfectly.

    The only thing is it is in dutch so you may have to change the language to english.

    Go to gw620 2.2 os update on google.

    You should find the GW620 2.2 OS Update link to take you to the lg forum.

    Sorry if this inconvenient but I'm a new user.

    The first time booting from 2.2 might take a while but it just works
    without problems.

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  2. srpetluri

    srpetluri New Member

    Can you please send the link?
  3. jamesysilber

    jamesysilber Active Member

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