LG GW620 and Google Talk

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  1. Greyduster123

    Greyduster123 New Member

    Hi, Is it possible to to delete my Google Talk history without having to turn the whole phone off and on again? The chat remains there for as lng as the phone is turned on. I have looked and doubled looked for this facility but cannot find it - if there is one that is? I don't want to leave my phone alone by accident and find that some one has looked at my chat history. Many thanks in antcipation.

  2. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    i would think where you 'manage applications' in settings you can clear the cache in that app. try that.
  3. Greyduster123

    Greyduster123 New Member

    Unfortunately that didn't work, the existing chat stayed. But thanks for trying

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