LG gw620 / intouch max

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  1. c58

    c58 Active Member

    hey all, new to the forums and not sure where to post this question so sorry if its in the wrong place.

    i have got an lg gw620 or intouch max as virgin mobile like to call it, and i was wondering how to install apps onto it from the memory card, ive installed various apps via the "marketplace" however i downloaded a torrent recently with lots of apps as .apk files that i have on my memory card but no real idea how to get them working.

    any help would be great as ive looked around and cant find anything of help via google

  2. Nismo

    Nismo Member

    download astro file manager from the market, then you can install the .apk through that
  3. c58

    c58 Active Member

    thanks, ill give that a go

    edit: works wonders. thanks very much =)

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