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  1. Jason316

    Jason316 New Member

    I am completely new to this forum and to Rooting Androids. I just finished rooting my Optimus One last night and my intentions were to get rid of some bloatware to help out with the limited internal memory of the Optimus One. However, I am an idiot and the first thing I uninstalled was the LG Home launcher. After panicking, seeing that the screen was totally black and I couldn't access any apps I decided to try to do a hard reset and all that did was wipe out everything. I have tried using Android Injector to put the .apk file for LG Home back on it, but it requires the USB Debugging mode turned on and since I can't access anything, I can't turn it on. Like I said, I am completely new to all of this and I really don't know what I am doing. Please HELP!!!

  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    did you create a backup when you rooted it?
  3. TheParadox

    TheParadox Well-Known Member

    If you didn't create a backup , you can always flash a good custom rom .

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