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  1. gravebelly

    gravebelly Member

    I see people complain about not having place for pen. I bought a 25 dollar belkin case and it holds the pen problem solved. This phone does everything plus more then I need. I love the pen and viewing webpage

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  2. vice86

    vice86 Well-Known Member

  3. ben7337

    ben7337 Well-Known Member

    I saw it tonight at the verizon store. It felt way too wide. Perhaps it would fit in my shorts pocket, but once it get cold enough for jeans I very much doubt it would fit in any of those pockets.

    Aside from that I personally hate the 4:3 aspect ratio. Everything is done in 16:9 now, and so that resolution makes more sense. The Galaxy Note II has better specs and is 10mm less wide. I think it may also be too big as a phone, though would like to see it in person when it comes out. The Intuition definitely doesn't seem like it would work for me as anything more than a mini tablet that wouldn't fit in my pockets though.
  4. jflores80

    jflores80 Member

    Where did you get the case from? I just bought this phone and it's great, but I still think the Note II is better. I got mine from bestbuy, do you know how long before I can return?

    If not, I might call tomorrow and find out. :)

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