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  1. d_rayx77

    d_rayx77 New Member

    Hi, I've recently gotten an LG Lucid from Verizon, and while playing around in the settings, accidentally selected in Settings>Security>Data Encryption to Encrypt All. This forced me to set a PIN to unlock my phone, which I didn't want to do. I've tried decrypting everything, and gotten Internal Memory and SD Card to decrypt, however when I try on System Memory, it says "For decryption, more than 620 MB is needed in system memory." I've tried doing restarts, ending all running apps, turning everything (data, wifi, bluetooth etc) off, and even using Advance Task Killer to force stop all background programs, however in App Manager I can never seem to get over around 450MB of free RAM. Unless I can decrypt System Memory, I'll either have to set a PIN or a Password, and Slide Up and Pattern are greyed out. Is there anyway I can decrypt this so I can change it back to the slide to unlock? Thank you.

  2. d_rayx77

    d_rayx77 New Member

    Finally just figured out that I'm an idiot lol. System Memory wasn't referring to available RAM, but to the phones memory (not the Internal Memory). I moved some apps to Internal Memory, uninstalled some bloatware, and decrypted it! Then I could change my unlock style to Slide. The reason I wanted to do all of this is because I wanted to try to make WidgetLocker work without having to slide on it then type in a PIN. Figured I'd post my solution in case anyone else had a similar problem. :)
  3. Necrobater

    Necrobater New Member

    How did you decrypt the device? There is no option for me, it just says the device is encrypted and I'm stuck!! I have no idea how to decrypt this phone!

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