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  1. mraner

    mraner New Member

    I have been trying to figure this out and finally got it! WITH OUT AN APP!

    Press and hold the Home button then click the power button! ha That simple!

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  2. williegeorge

    williegeorge Active Member

    Thanks for the info!

    Glad I found this before I bothered to add an app for this.
  3. vexxus

    vexxus New Member

    Thanks so much for figuring this out and sharing. :D
  4. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    Works on the Spectrum also, probably other LG Android phones also.
  5. stikbow

    stikbow New Member

    Stumbled on this site while looking for something to save screen images and thought "hurray". But, I found a picture on google images that I wanted to save and tried what mranr wrote and I can't get it to do anything but shut off the phone. Am I not understanding the proceedure or just pushing the buttons incorrectly?
  6. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    So I was having trouble with this too, but what you're probably doing is holding the Home button down too long. If you press and hold the Home button too long, the Recently Used Apps screen pops up and it's not going to work. It's more of a "push the home button and then immediately push the power button." You'll hear the screen shot click and it'll tell you where it saved it.
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  7. LickeyMong

    LickeyMong Well-Known Member

    I just press both and it takes great quality pictures.
  8. brett1188

    brett1188 New Member

    My Lucid will take the screenshot and save it. It looks great on my phone. But When I try To upload to facebook r anything. Its blurry.. please help
  9. ozzy8160

    ozzy8160 Member

    you can also take screen shots by holding vol down + power button
  10. AndroidUser04

    AndroidUser04 New Member

    I couldn't figure it out until I saw this thread. Then I held the home button for too long. Thanks so much for helping me figure out that its like almost instantly both! Thanks!!!!! -Izzy

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