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  1. audddddd

    audddddd New Member

    I'm currently choosing between two smartphones (first smartphone) and I really like the Rhyme and Lucid. I read some reviews for the Lucid however and some people have said that the 4G LTE is hardly an upgrade from 3G. Is this true? Is the extra 30$ worth the upgrade from 3G?

    Which do you recommend I buy? I'm not a heavy gamer; i'm a moderate texter, will probably use email/web moderately as well.


  2. platinumthomas

    platinumthomas Active Member

    LTE is hands down superior to Verizon's 3G.
    As for the phones, my fianc
  3. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Whoever said that 4g is hardly an upgrade to 3g on VZW is either not in a good 4g area or they do not need a faster connection. Maybe all they do is stream music or browse the web so 3g would be sufficient. But you'll definitely see the difference when downloading apps and streaming video.

    Anyways, the Lucid is a better phone than the Rhyme, IMO. I like the build of the Rhyme and HTC Sense over the Lucid but overal value would be in favor of the Lucid.

    The Lucid is a very overlooked phone but those who have it are more than likely happy with the device and how much they got for it.

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