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LG Marquee Brick/weird bootloop.

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  1. devilsown13

    devilsown13 Member

    I was trying to get a P970 rom to work on my Marquee so i went and changed my device name and stuff on bulid.prop....then i went to rom manager and it said i needed to install the P970 cwm even though i had the marquee version already installed,anyways i installed it then rebooted(im so stupid,im kind of a noob at this stuff but i am 14 so yeah i can be stupid sometimes).Now when i try to turn it on it shows the lg boot symbol then it goes dark after a couple of seconds then back to the lg symbol and so on and so on.I cant even go into cwm recovery.:( I have the Sprint LG Marquee with Cyanogen 7 unofficial.......BTW when i connect my phone into my computer,it wont detect my phone.....HELP ME:( :( :( :( :(

  2. tombob

    tombob Well-Known Member

    Can you get into cwm by doing a battery pull then hold volume down and power button?
  3. devilsown13

    devilsown13 Member

    No,i installed an uncompatible cwm recovery.
  4. tombob

    tombob Well-Known Member

    Not sure, but LGNPST might get you back to stock. Worth a try anyway. Good luck.
  5. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    the blacks partitions are different than the marquees so when you flashed CWM it probably went to the wrong partition and overwrote files required for the phone to boot. if that happened theres no way to fix it, you'll have to send it to LG and get it replaced.
  6. devilsown13

    devilsown13 Member

    ok :( but thanks for those awesome roms you've made :)

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