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LG Marquee wi fi signal strengthTips

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  1. JJSooner

    JJSooner Member

    Hi there to all. I'm a newfer to this forum AND to a droid product. I have an LG Marquee and am having a wi fi signal issue at work. At home my signal is wonderful. Fully connected and max bars for strength. At work I'm having problems keeping a strong signal so I can listen to i heart radio on wi fi instead of 3G(too much data usage). Is there a product out there to improve my wi fi signal strength? This phone has passed all the tests for me and is a great product. This is the one item I need to find an answer for. Thank you for any help in advance. I believe that if you want to get better at anything you have to surround yourself with smart people who know more than you do. Hence, I'm here

  2. Phrant1c

    Phrant1c Well-Known Member

    You gotta take into account how far you are from the router and which frequency band The router operates on. At home you're wireless g router will cover your whole house. That same router in a larger building won't reach as far. There are apps like fresh network, but they won't do what you are looking for. If it's a weak signal no app or tweak is gonna boost that for you.
  3. JJSooner

    JJSooner Member

    Yeah its an office building with a wireless system in place. I don't know the specifics on system type. My net-book picks up the signal just fine but its a net-book. How about some sort of range extender or plug in external antennae for this phone?

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