LG Mobile USB Modem driver won't install

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  1. MikeW

    MikeW Active Member

    Hello, I have been trying to do the new 2.2 root thing but have come across a problem when trying to install the ally drivers. All of them work except for the LG Mobile USB Modem which seems to be important because when I try to use the LGMobile Updater it says my phone is not connected to my computer when it clearly is. I am on Windows Vista and have tried many different things to get this to work because non rooted phones suck. I was wondering if anyone else had any similar problems and if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated!

  2. HBSPromoQueen

    HBSPromoQueen Member

    Hey Mike. I had the same issue and had to use Death2All's alternative method. The first thing you should try though is running the LG updater as an administrator. Also, change the properties to be compatible with lower versions of windows. If those two things don't work, use Death2All's alternative.

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  3. trav473

    trav473 Well-Known Member

    I could never get the drivers to work either on my Vista laptop, ended up using one of my sons laptops with XP Pro, had no problems with it.
  4. MikeW

    MikeW Active Member

    Thanks a lot for answering I'll definitely try those when I get the chance!
  5. TT1080i

    TT1080i Well-Known Member

    hi, yes I ran into that.
    I needed to put my phone in "usb debugging" mode for the lg updater
    to reconize my phone
    settings/applications/development/usb debugging

    unrooted ally, 2.2.1
  6. mmilemarker

    mmilemarker New Member

    I tried the USB DRIVER for the LG APEX. I got into the SD Card by clickin the extra drive. Remember to use the VERIZON DRIVERS
  7. solo65impala

    solo65impala Well-Known Member


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