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  1. malkimeansking

    malkimeansking Well-Known Member

    just benchmarked my LG Motion 4g got 5390 (my phone i took this pic)


    Vs a Samsung Galaxy S3 Non Metro found this pic on google (probobly faster than the metro version)


    now 500 dollars vs 150 and u get a faster phone? no contest... winner LG Motion

  2. SIII groupie

    SIII groupie Well-Known Member

    My Sprint GSIII gets 6100 so I must give you a big fail.

    But if you don't overstate your point you might have one. That would be bang for the buck.
  3. malkimeansking

    malkimeansking Well-Known Member

    ive searched for screenshots and even seen videos of them side by side and the LG slightly outperforms it to my suprise im not sure what version that was on the screenshot but it seems like thats the normal benchmark for the s3. if u want to show your benchmark u can

    but yeah still thats not much of a speed difference for a huge price difference. the main thing is the screen size on each phone but i challenge you this, lg motion 4g + Google nexus 7 = 150 + 200 = 350 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 for 500... its no contest there the tablet screen is way nicer and your getting two devices

    no disrespect to the S3 i think its a great phone and i definetly want one but the price keeps me from justifying a purchase
  4. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    My fiances cousin has the S3 for Sprint, he beat me in benchmark by 900. My motion scores around 7050 and his was around 7950. I read some one on here stating that best thing to do is buy the motion and a tablet and still save money than buying the s3.

    I played with the phone for a little bit, i did not get that one feeling where i was like wow i gotta have this phone. To me the only thing it has on the motion is screen size.
  5. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

    thats the best i get after debloating the ROM, i think is pretty fast, im luving it :)

  6. malkimeansking

    malkimeansking Well-Known Member

    nice benchmark!
  7. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    if you believe that shyt... well I have nothing nice to say so :x ;)
  8. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    Is that for the motion or the S3?
  9. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    That's a motion status bar
  10. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    Alright just making sure i was going to be really disappointed lol
  11. warock56

    warock56 Well-Known Member

    Honestly if you put both of these phones side by side and just "use them" no benchmarks etc, just daily use, phonecalls, messaging, youtube, most games... I'm pretty sure you wont notice a noticeable difference, so just go have fun with whichever one you like the most (and can afford...).
  12. cloudsfall2

    cloudsfall2 Active Member

    Theres no way the motion out scores the htc one x That doesn't seem right:confused::confused::confused:
  13. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    its not gonna out score the S3 either. I never trusted Quadrant, seen way to many bogus scores from it. ;)
  14. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    Well the motion does have the same processor and with less screen size it should score pretty high.
  15. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    I ran Antutu Benchmark on my Motion and each time it was 7000+
  16. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't understand the purpose of these threads lol. Buy what you like or can afford. I've had both phones and I can say without a doubt the s3 blows the motion away.
  17. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Well-Known Member

  18. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    So give your reasons as to why it blows it away other than screen size. I'm sure the OP wants the S3 but wants to know if it's actually worth spending 400 more than the motion if all your getting is a bigger. When I was debating that's what I was looking for reasons why the person with that phone likes it. For 500 its over priced just for a screen but it does have a lot of development support.
  19. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Well-Known Member

    Plus one for its devolpement. I'm a bit of a benchmark geek myself and like these threads. I just hope one day we can overclock our motions
  20. robertkoa

    robertkoa Well-Known Member

    Many of the Motions are already factory overclocked at 1.5 Ghz -mine came this way .

    A great little phone even does multi tasking watch a video or go on Internet

    while on a call.

    But the beautiful hi res screen and.better camera and boost and EQ for earpiece on calls put the Samsung Galaxy S3 in another league.

    Bang for buck LG Motion- no contest and the Motion has a.good speakerphone for Internet Radio etc. an editing suite for photos and lots of storage etc.

    But the Motion is a high performance Ford Focus-

    Galaxy S3 is a Lexus./ BMW .
  21. hristopelov

    hristopelov Member

    just did the Antutu Benchmark, havent done it before, heres my best scores:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the galaxy S3 has a lot more RAM... but for $150 i luv this small powerhouse
  22. gmpwolf

    gmpwolf Well-Known Member

    I come from an S3 and I'm real haopy with my motion.
  23. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    I got about 6900ish score for AnTuTu. I put AnTuTu on a few other people's phones that just got ICS updates (the Bionic and Atrix 2) and both scored lower than my phone. However after updating the software from Metro and installing some apps, the score went down to around 6500ish. I don't really care. I love my LG Motion 4G. One of the only tech products I have ever bought where I was truly satisfied. Compared to those 2 phones and compared to a buddy's GSIII, I found that the only practical difference is the screen size/quality. Otherwise, my phone is just as good or better in real world use...

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