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  1. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    ive been trying to unbrick this phone for about a month Can somebody post the phones ORIGINAL FIRMWARE .ToT File, for KDZ.....Or Post a working unbricking method. ANY help is appreciated. thank you all for your time and reading my thread.


  2. cumofo

    cumofo Active Member

    I got the emergency bootload up. "Do Not Pass Up Sex With Your Wife For Your Android"

    (by pressing Vol-Up + PWR, lights flash=let go PWR, lights go off, on PWR, Lights come on, Off PWR)

    then reloaded the base with QPST

    connected to KZ-500 Utility

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  3. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    i need more detail...im not a pro...but like i said any help is always appreciated
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    You have the original firmware in the PM I sent you, please say what problems you have in joneidy's thread.
  5. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    No real problems..I wanted to know at what point in the unbricking method im supposed to connect the phone to the pc, via usb, and also i want to know what mode the phone needs to be in to properly run the LGnPST and unbrick my OM+...
    Thank you for you patience, and all your help in fixing my OM+. I appeciate you guys sharing you
    r knowledge with me, and takin your time to help me out..

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