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  1. rmdr2

    rmdr2 New Member


    Just got my shiny new LG Nexus 4 - very pretty upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S. However, I am unable to find a bog-standard, old school FM radio controller (like my Samsung Galaxy had).

    I have seen plenty of streaming FM/DAB radio apps which, of course, use bandwidth. I just want a simple FM radio app that will allow me to tune into FM frequencies.

    I have read some articles that suggest the LG Nexus4 is not capable of being used as a conventional radio

    Anyone got an answer that can help?


  2. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    N4 has no FM radio chip.
  3. Sylon

    Sylon Well-Known Member

    The phone needs the hardware to pick up the signals, and I don't think the N4 has it.

    I haven't seen an FM receiver in a phone in years.
  4. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    I believe the S3 and some versions of the Note 2 have FM receiver.
  5. rmdr2

    rmdr2 New Member

    Just used streaming radio (TuneIn) for the first time on my Nexus 4. Terrible! I live in the middle of a capital city with excellent mobile phone reception (as depicted by the signal bars). The number of times the transmission stopped to buffer was ridiculous!!! What was wrong with including a standard FM tuner in the phone?
  6. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    Most of the time it's because of space.
  7. Kenty1981

    Kenty1981 Well-Known Member

    2 things you can try - in setting increase the buffer time to 30 seconds and also choose a lower bit rate stream after selecting the station in options.

    That should help reduce those problems.
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  8. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    Good question - seems Google people don't believe FM is required in the 21st century. I don't think they've ever put FM radios in their phones.

    Part of the reason I bought an HTC Desire instead of the original Nexus was that, although they're essentially the same phone, the Desire had an FM radio.

    I then never really used the radio because the reception is so dire. You think a bit of buffering is annoying, try only hearing every third word. This time, I didn't really care that the N4 didn't have an FM radio.
  9. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I find TuneIn radio to be excellent. Also, radio doesn't use "that" much data.

    Try it out and check every so often how much data you have used.

    Alternatively try this:


    I think Tunein uses 32K bitrate so you can play around with the times and see how little data you may use.
  10. zibalba

    zibalba New Member

    disappointed that no FM chip on nexus 4 or 5! however tune in radio is an excellent app for streaming radio!.... if you are prepared to pay for it! it's true free version is naff, buffers quite poorly. however paid version isn't going to break the bank, has some amazing stations, can record, is good sound quality and if you want to stream via data you can change the freq. etc. so it uses a minuscule amount of data to stream. also stoked that I was able to redownload it to new phone! Love it!!!! 5 stars!
  11. zibalba

    zibalba New Member

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