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LG Optimus 3d Deleted internal SD Card :(Support

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  1. mabs

    mabs New Member

    I have accidently deleted the contents of the internal sd card on this phone. I am trying to find a way of getting the pre-loaded videos back. I cant see any way of doing this (i did not backup it up), does anyone know how I can get a restore file for the stock phone? Or does anyone know where I can re-download these 3d video clips? Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Mad_Sunday

    Mad_Sunday Well-Known Member

    Have a look through this thread, someone wanted the installed vids as his phone didn't have them. If you have a good look through the XDA LG 3D forum you will also find a restore available including the 10D July firmware upgrade.


    [Q] 3D sharing via youtube. - xda-developers
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  3. mabs

    mabs New Member

    very helpfull. Gutted when I noticed I had lost all the good 3d videos.
  4. Alex Atkin UK

    Alex Atkin UK Member

    If you still haven't sorted it and have access to Windows, try formatting using the official SD format tool.

    I had an old card that refused to format in the phone itself and just wouldn't work until properly reformatted. Failing that, the card could be on its way out or just incompatible.
  5. splaky

    splaky New Member

    Hello everyone!! Sick and tired of the iphone i switched to lg 3d and found out that i dont have the pre loaded 3d videos..can anyone pls be kind enough to upload and post a link to download?! the link on the previous post isnt working..thanks alot..cheers
  6. twogubs

    twogubs Member

    They are in the 3d section of LG Smart world.Go to lgworld.com and get the app.

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