LG Optimus 3D or HTC EVO 3D?General

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  1. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    currently asking myself, soon will be possible for upgrade, and asking myself wich one i should pick between the HTC and the LG 3d phones

    help me make a decision please :$


  2. Ecniv

    Ecniv Member

    Handle them both in store?

    I never played with the HTC but the LG is pretty damn good :)

    Only froze once so far and only once jerked whilst recording 3d vid... over all battery life could be better, but if a work or near a power socket/computer you can recharge it.

    Screen is nice n big and on LGs site there is an upgrade to 2.5 (I think it is) gingerbread. ICS is due towards August(ish) perhaps?

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