LG Optimus Black: Very slow, black screen keeps coming upSupport

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  1. KR94

    KR94 New Member

    Recently my phone has been very slow - every time i return to 'home' from an app, a black screen appears and takes a while before it gets to the home screen. Even the icons take a considerable amount of time to fill up the screen. When I get a call, the touch screen doesnt seem to work until ~ 5 seconds later, but then it's too late cause I'd have missed the call by then :(
    Is it because I have too many apps or something? :S

  2. ankureck

    ankureck New Member

    Hi Buddy,
    I am also facing the same problem.
    It seems that the screen hangs for around 5 seconds and black screen appears.
    I have stopped my all applications form app manager but still its of no use.
    Please tell me what can be done to bring speed back to normal.

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