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LG Optimus C Memory full issue

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  1. pokeysclan

    pokeysclan New Member

    I bought and installed a 32gb memory card in my LG Optimus C but my phone seems to direct everything to the internal memory that is like (x)mb big and it fills up quickly! Why isn't my phone utilizing the memory card? I paid extra for a fat card so that I could download whatever stupid crap that I could find! Is there some way to designate the memory card as the primary storage or some such? It is real frustrating to have a ton of free memory while getting memory full messages!:confused:

  2. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

    Your phone automatically installs all apps to your phones memory. Most apps can be moved to your sd card to save a lot of phone space. Get an app like apps2sd to tell you which apps can be moved.

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