Lg optimus chic e720 dead . help !

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  1. cyberunnamed

    cyberunnamed New Member

    my phone , lg e720 , after installing rom manager and i got the permission from it , it asked me to reboot and i did reboot , but end up with a dead phone . i tried to start my phone many many times , did alot of researches trying to restore my phone back but could not help .

    Here are my questions:
    how to fastboot my phone or restore it?
    how to get into dl mode or emergency mode in this case?
    i had tried doing many kinds of key combo for emergency mode but still , starts with a Lg logo , ends with a lg logo hanging there smiling at me

  2. Tyra Misoux

    Tyra Misoux New Member

    The mtd partitions are a bit strange for the LG. Most of those tools mount to different partitions.
    You may try emergency restore by pressing VOLUP+VOLDOWN and keep the power-button pressed when power up.
    If USB is pluged you will enter emergency mode. This should do the trick.

    btw. I am still looking for downgrade to 2.2 :-(
    This damn 2.2.1 locked me out! Now google and LG are root on MY device! This sucks.
  3. Tyra Misoux

    Tyra Misoux New Member

    Okay guys - I answer this by my own...
    The solution is really easy - simply use LG tools to flash that device!
    I have a link how it works for LG P500 - but this also works for the E720!
    First read this and get the flasher software:

    LG P500 Firmware Download - LG Cell Phones Blog

    I just downgraded 2.2.1 to 2.2. using this method.
    The flash-programmer tool is KDZ_FW_UPD. I booted my LG to the 3e-menu when starting running the upgrade because when direcly connecting my pc to emergency-mode the USB-Drivers hang. Maybe this is local problem here - maybe not. It works better from the 3e-menu (that android with the yellow exclamation mark).
    You also might try directly from emergency (press vol+ vol- and power - keep the 3 buttons press down and have USB PLUGGED IN).

    the kdz firmware itself is from LG site:

    The Android 2.2 version (rootable)

    The new Android 2.2.1 (not rootable yet)

    So LIFE IS GOOD for me, again and I AM (nor google neither LG) the only root and admin on my devices :)

    - ehm.. yeah - this is GERMAN version ADEUBK - you might download different!
    AITABK for example for ITALIAN.

    The available versions you find with this link:

    Have fun!
    and above all: have back the power! be ROOT
  4. ptesmoke

    ptesmoke New Member

    ive tried all possible codes and i cant for the life of me find the stock 2.2 for bell canada e720b :( any help?
  5. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

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