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LG Optimus Elite wont power onSupport

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  1. lordravenrain

    lordravenrain New Member

    Had my Optimus Elite for less than a week now, and suddenly the power button seems to be broken. Ive not abused the phone in any way. What happened is it was on and working fine when I realised my power button wouldnt lock the screen or turn the phone off. I pulled the battery, and I replaced it shortly after. Now it wont come on. Its fully charged - I can see that from the battery immage that pops on screen when I first plug it in. Any suggestions? Any other way to get the device to come on?

  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    Sounds like your power button may be bad. Try plugging it up to your charger until the lg logo comes up then pull charger. This should cause phone to boot up. If it boots up fine but your power button still doesn't do anything call Virgin Mobile and tell them your issue and they'll send you a new one even if you don't have insurance
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  3. lordravenrain

    lordravenrain New Member

    thanks phone did power up that way. as often as theses buttons are pushed looks like they would be well made
  4. lordravenrain

    lordravenrain New Member

    Just got off the phone with Virgin and Ill have a new phone here within 3 days. thanks for the help
  5. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    Glad they fixed you up. Last time I had to have a phone replaced I had it next day even when they told me 3 to 5
  6. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    Phones from virgin mobile will be sent out under over night shipping
  7. lissydog

    lissydog New Member

    Thank you so much!!!!!! My phone is having the same problem - power button broken. I am so glad I learned this trick for turning on the phone! You saved me the annoying hassle of having to go into the sprint store.

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