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  1. sparmank

    sparmank New Member

    can anyone help? several times throughout a day the phone randomly selects things rapidly without touching the screen. even when locked it will select icons in the unlock screen

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I've seen this happen on different handsets. It can be caused by certain 3rd Party chargers, no idea why it happens, but cheaper chargers can make the handset freak out and do things of its own accord, much as you've described.

    Are you charging when this happens? If not, there might be dirt/dust in the charging port causing it, can you blow it out/give it a clean, see if that makes a difference?

    It could be something completely different, but there's no harm giving it a whirl as I've seen this work in the past.
  3. droididol

    droididol Active Member

    I've had this same problem for about a year now. It acts like there's a short in the screen- I think it might be a flaw in the Optimus S. It's usually along the bottom of the phone, and it gets worse when it's using GPS or when it gets really hot. I've found that usually just putting the phone into sleep mode and taking it out again fixes it- though I have had it accidentally call someone before!
  4. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    Yep, mine did that too, using a 120v (house AC) - 12v (car lighter DC)adapter. Went back to the stock charger and all is well.
  5. droididol

    droididol Active Member

    You know, it's possible that I thought it was related to the GPS because I'm usually using my cheap car charger when I'm using the GPS- I'll try skipping that the next few trips and see if it helps. Thanks for the tip!

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