LG Optimus G or Samsung Galaxy S3? Please Help!

Which is the smarter choice?

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3 (Cost Friendly)

  2. LG Optimus G (Future Proof?)

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  1. I'm in a little delimma and I need some help!! So next Monday my contract with AT&T fully expires and I am planning on switching to Sprint because of their cheap plans and awesome phones. I have the option to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 (US) on Amazon for $0.01 or the LG Optimus G for $99. It sounds like a pretty obvious choice at first, but if you look at the specs, the Sprint version of the Optimus G (Somewhat different from AT&T version) clearly beats the Galaxy S3 in almost every aspect except removable battery, SD Card, and software - (although, regardless of the phone I would probably end up rooting and flashing to a custom ROM anyways). The LG Optimus G is definitely more future proof with 2GB of RAM And a Quad-Core processor. I could probably even substitute the SD card with a USB OTG compatible kernel if I can find one. It also has a very nice 4.7" screen with an IPS display which should be much sharper and have more accurate colors opposed to the S3's saturation (not that it looks bad or anything. :p).

    I'm 15 and have only earned ~$250 of cash throughout the entirety of last year. I am a hardcore modder, gamer, and customizer. So here is my ultimate question. Should I spend $99 to have a 'future proof' phone such as the Optimus G? And, have you ever experienced any significant or noticable lag with heavy graphical gaming on the S3? Please help me out and tell me what you think I should get and why. :/ Remember, I have to live with this phone for the next 2 years so it has to be good! XD Thanks!

    BTW.. As a side question.. Is quad core really all that great? I mean, I know it makes the device faster, but are there any HUGE benefits as of right now other than slightly faster touch response speeds/transitions? And do you think as time passes developers will take more advantage of its capabilities?? Because this is what is making me hesitant to just dive in head first into the GS3's "buttery smooth" UI of Samsung goodness. X) Let me know what you guys think. ;)

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  3. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    On the surface, the S3 has a MUCH larger dev community. The Optimus G is a much better phone hardware wise, So if all you want is root, that might the better phone. If you want to run custom roms, then the S3 is the better phone. Just doing some basic searches, the Optimus G forum both here and some other places seem to be rather dead.
  4. Yeah, you're right, that's the other thing I was trying to determine.. :p I wasn't exactly sure if it was just because the LG Optimus G is a newer phone than the S3, but obviously the S3 is the more popular phone right now and would probably have much more dev support.
  5. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    I'd vote against Sprint because of the slow data speeds and the inability to use their phones anywhere else.
  6. Well I'd choose unlimited data over limited any day. Plus AT&T gives terrible call quality. Anyways, its Monday and I think I'm going to go ahead and get the Samsung Galaxy S3. I don't think apps and developers will really start utilizing quad-core processors until maybe the next year and a half. :p
  7. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Theres no doubt the S3 offers a very smooth experience, probably more so than any other Android device but it is showing it's age now when it comes to some of the latest 3d games and benchmarks.

    The LG Optimus G is a generation ahead of the S3 is terms of performance so based on that is should be a ease choice.

    As for other factors like UI design, camera, video quality, call quality, battery life etc, I can't comment as I've never used the LG Optimus G but I would guess they were on par.
  8. goofydude101

    goofydude101 New Member

    I was actually looking to ask this same question. I am definitely leaning towards the optimus G (LG has always worked very reliably for me), however I would like to ask if anyone knows if the hotspot can be enabled (without the extra charge) like on my optimus S? (Just to Clarify I'm asking for the S3 and G)
  9. O: I forgot to give you guys an update: The day I decided to get the GS3, it had turned out the offer expired and they were then the same price at $50. I went ahead and got the LG Optimus G on AT&T and I am loving it! :D I am glad I got it over the S3 considering it had everything I wanted. (Quad Core, 2GB RAM, Non-Pentile Display) The battery life could be better, but I'm sure there's plenty of 3rd party accessories/cases to help with that.

    Anyways, to answer your question, I'm pretty sure that any custom ROM that supports it will allow you to tether without your carrier knowing or bothering you about upgrading your data plan. At least that was the case for my previous phone (Samsung Captivate) and many others. I couldn't say for sure though, as I am running Stock, rooted and unlocked.

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