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  1. methi

    methi New Member

    I just bought my LG Optimus V yesterday. For the first battery charge, I was told to let it die completely before trying to charge it up to 100% without using it. I've been charging it for +15hours now, and it's got a little bit left to go... it's been stuck there for a while now. Is this normal for the first recharging the battery? I didn't get an actual charger with the phone, it's an adapter and USB cable. I've had it plugged into a powerbar/wall, not my computer by USB alone.

    Is it possible that it's not charging fully because there are applications running in the background? If so I guess I'm better off turning it on and shutting them down?

  2. bluesman68

    bluesman68 New Member

    That seems odd. I got my Black in exactly the same condition as yours but didn't have the same the problem you are having. The only instance it doesn't charge fully is when I charge it from a PC, which takes longer to have the phone fully charged, and I disconnect it when my patience wear thin. :)

    Try getting the regular charger, it should do the trick. Its not the applications' fault. :)
  3. ian72

    ian72 Member

    I just bought my OB early this week. I realised the full charge happened in very short time, around 2-3 hours. But it drains very fast, with normal use (no 3G/WIFI) just playing games, install some apps etc, it goes from 100% to 10% within 6-7 hours. It dropped 1% every few minutes. With 2nd charge, it went to 100% within 2 hours. But I realised it will still charge when I plug out and plug in the charger repeatedly. Is it normal? Since 100% charged, why it can still be charging when I plug the charger in each time? Thanks!
  4. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    Charging from a PC USB port will be damn slow due to the poor amperage (500 mA). Using the provided charger (1,000 mA) will definitely charge faster.

    Unplugging and re-plugging right after a full charge doesn't make it charge more, it merely makes the device verify if the battery can still be charged and that takes some (useless) time.

    The battery will only seize its full capacity after you charge and discharge it fully for about 7 times. Keep in mind that keeping Data/GPS/WiFi/etc on all the time will increase the battery drain. Also update Google Maps to the latest version (version 5.0, which comes preinstalled in OB, is known to enter a loop sometimes and eat up all the battery in a matter of hours).

    If you need to charge from your car, I strongly suggest Griffin's PowerJolt (2,100 mA), that's enough even for a tablet: http://store.griffintechnology.com/powerjolt-ipad (it will charge ANY USB device - and FAST).
  5. ian72

    ian72 Member

    Thanks a lot for your advice! I called LG and was told it's normal for OB to be fully charged in 2-3 hours.

    By the way, can I check when the phone goes into sleep mode, will it auto terminate WIFI connection? I am not sure if it's like that or because of the task killer I installed (it controls all data/wifi connection). I was told by LG to change the WIFI policy to ensure WIFI is always on, even in sleep mode. I currently set the phone to sleep in 60 sec, but I think the task killer override to be 30s. I find it quite annoying as 30s is quite short as I could be reading something or in the midst of installing app. Maybe I will change the policy as I seems to have problem getting WIFI connection after back from sleep mode. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    Press Menu button->Settings->Wireless & networks->Wi-Fi Settings->Menu button (again)->Advanced.

    Under Wi-Fi sleep policy, choose the setting of your preference (I use "Never when plugged in". When not plugged, this setting turns off Wi-Fi when the screen is off.

    Forget LG's advice (not battery savvy) and stop killing Wi-Fi. Just use my setting and plug the phone in (or extend the screen timeout) when you want Wi-Fi to be alive.

    I have no problem getting Wi-Fi back from sleep mode (maybe because I don't use a 3rd-party app to manage it).
  7. ian72

    ian72 Member

    Ok will try, hopefully the Task Killer app won't override this setting. But to give credit, my phone's battery/memory usage performance improved by at least 50% after using this app. Thanks!
  8. ian72

    ian72 Member

    Hi, to clarify. Under the Wi-Fi sleep policy, it says "specify when to switch from wi0fi to mobile data". I thought this policy is just to set when wi-fi should be turned off and not "when to switch to 3G". Pls advice. When "plugged in" means what? Means not to turn off wi-fi when USB plugged in? If so, then maybe I should choose "never", as long as phone is on, I want wi-fi to be connected, as I usually switch the phone off after use, so when on, I must be working on it and want wi-fi to be always on. Tks!
  9. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    I simply don't understand. From your testimony, your OB is different. Mine has a setting (outside Wi-Fi settings - it's under Data settings) that selects when to use 3G when Wi-Fi is not available. Either we have completely different OBs or you are confused between two completely different menus.

    I'm sorry that I can't help any further.
  10. ian72

    ian72 Member

    I followed your steps below and I have the same menus, so our OBs must be the same.

    Press Menu button->Settings->Wireless & networks->Wi-Fi Settings->Menu button (again)->Advanced.

    Under Wi-Fi sleep policy, choose the setting of your preference (I use "Never when plugged in". When not plugged, this setting turns off Wi-Fi when the screen is off.

    Just that under the "Wi-Fi sleep policy", there is a line of small print (in cyan clolour) that reads "Specify when to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data". Is yours the same? I am just confuse by this line of text. After clicking it, there are 3 options given - "When screen turns off", "Never when plugged in" and "Never". You never mentioned Data Settings in the above steps, only Wi-Fi Settings.
  11. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    Oh, that's exactly what I have. Sorry for the confusion.

    Wi-Fi and mobile data are mutually excludent, being Wi-Fi prioritized over mobile data - but by no means the Wi-Fi sleep event will turn on mobile data if it's not already on. The cyanish text is misleading in regard to that.

    So, with Wi-Fi on:

    . Mobile data on + Wi-Fi sleep on = mobile data active when phone sleeps, mobile data sleeps when phone wakes up

    . Mobile data off + Wi-Fi sleep on = NO data connection when the phone sleeps

    With Wi-Fi off: you'll have mobile data depending on your mobile data setting (on or off), regardless of the phone state.

    I hope this clarifies everything. If it does, a thumbs up is welcome.
  12. vic236

    vic236 Member

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    Iphone connection is much better by far!

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