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  1. hemzy

    hemzy New Member


    this is my first post and i am new to all this so please give simple advice.
    i have a problem with the screen, when i ring someone from the phone as soon as i have pressed the call button the screen turns off and cannot be turned back on until the call has ended, is there any solution for this.


  2. czeholland

    czeholland New Member

    You might want to check if you accidentally covered your proximity sensor.
    it is located on the right side of the shiny LG logo. (Its behind the glass so its not clearly visible but you should be able to find it.)

    anyway, this sensor prevents you from dialing/accidentally do stuff with your ear while on the phone.

    Hope it helps!
  3. MJPeters

    MJPeters New Member

    Thanks, czehollandl. I had the same problem, and stumbled on this forum trying to solve it. Your solution fixed it. I had put a screen protector on my phone, that extended up to just below the speaker. I trimmed it off now to go just above the display, and it works. I didn't know there was a proximity sensor there.

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