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Lg optimus lte wont charge

  1. Kirago

    Kirago New Member

    so Ive tried different chargers n stuff but it wont charge. ive plugged it in via usb to charge n all that happens is the menu, home, n back buttons flash for a bit then turn off. idk whats wrong with it n i kinda want to know so if anyone has info or has experienced this can you give me some advice..
    ps. idk if this is where i post this kind of thing so forgive me if it is not...

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Have you tried changing the battery? Maybe the battery is dead.
  3. Kirago

    Kirago New Member

    ive decided im just gonna take it into bell n see if they can figure out the problem, although i dont want to have to get the phone replaced because i got important stuff on the phone itself. i hope its just the battery but why would the buttons flash if the battery was dead?

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