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  1. irishman_old

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  2. AndyOpie150

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    Is it still rooted?
  3. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    I believe so. It was rooted when the boot loop started so im sure its still rooted.
  4. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Depends on what you did to cause the boot loop.
    With no recovery: First try and plug phone into the PC and go to the root folder and run the run.bat again. It might reboot your phone into the ROM. If it does let it finish.
  5. istutoriales

    istutoriales New Member

    Ok so my LG Optimus M Plus was rooted the first day I got it, had been working good, turning it on and off, but like a week ago, after having it rooted for almost a month, it decided to get sutck on the LG Logo. I did the hard reset but when it boots up still stuck on the lg logo. Well today, after trying so many attempts with different keys, I got it to do something.

    What I did is I pressed volumen down, search key and power button, as soon as I saw the LG Logo a let go the power button and search buttong but kept volumen down pressed and a different screen showed up, it has the LG Logo on top and it says "Download is in progress. Do not disconnect cable." It's been "downloading" for about 10min now and I'm not sure if it really is downloading something or it got stuck again. I'm gonna let it plugged in all night and see what happens..I'll keep you posted.

    Attached is a pic I took

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  6. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    It's not going to work. You get the same result when you hold down both volume keys and while holding them plug phone into the computer. This is called download mode. It didn't work for me, but there is always a chance. All phones respond in there own way. I would like to hear your results. Thank you for posting. Anything helps....

  7. citric

    citric Well-Known Member

    Before you go doing this some one needs to back me up, but you might be able to run the LG Mobile Updater program, but i dunno if it has support for our phones
  8. citric

    citric Well-Known Member

    The LGMobile Support Tool does actually recognize my phone and tells me it's up to date.

    You might be able to update your phone with it.
  9. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    ive tryed the lg support tool, lg updater. there is no updates available for this phone . its current. i need somebody to make a factory rom for it so i can flash it to the phone using LGnPST. thats the only way ive heard of fixing it..
    I was told its because the partions are messed up.

    thanks, irishman
  10. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    If the phone is recognized by the PC in Download Mode then you can just use the updater to fix you phone by flashing the firmware. If the firmware is out yet.

    EDIT: Nija'd by the irishman
    You might just have to send it to LG to fix.
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  11. irishman_old

    irishman_old Active Member

    anyone know where to find an [lg ms695 lgnpst dll]?
  12. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Try recovery in the update utility! and if you get it working, you can backup the .bin file for LGNPST, it's somewhere in the directory of the update utility..
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  13. chinotopless

    chinotopless Member

    i hav the same prob... any help?
  14. srcomputer

    srcomputer Member

    hello i am new here
    and i need hep
    can any one send me a copy of
    vold.fsbat for lg ms695 please
    thaks poloandresss@gmail.com
  15. jrander9343

    jrander9343 Member

    my phone is not stuck in boot loop, but i cannot access recovery on my lg ms695 it starts after button combo then immediately reboots and factory restores. any help would be appreciated. ps trying to flash slimbean 2.0
  16. German915

    German915 Member

    You still need it? I have the files but can't getintoemergency mode

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