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lg optimus m+ ms695General

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  1. srcomputer

    srcomputer Member

    why every time i plug the phone on the pc
    and make folder on the exernal sd and i unplug the phone frm the pc
    the folder desapers.

  2. cumofo

    cumofo Active Member

    I think because there are actually 4 drives competing for real estate on your SDcard. 2 gigs of your rated 4 are on the external card, so there is a little booter script in the vold.fstab file that splits up your card:

    # Internal sd aka emmc
    BOARD_SDCARD_DEVICE_PRIMARY := /dev/block/mmcblk1p1
    BOARD_SDCARD_DEVICE_SECONDARY := /dev/block/mmcblk1k1
    BOARD_SDEXT_DEVICE := /dev/block/mmcblk1p2

    I don't know how to fix this, but when I do I will let everyone know.

    If you place something here: /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD/
    you can see it via ur pc,

    but if you put it here:

    it will unmount from the system and place all its data into EMMC when the usb hits voltage.
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  3. srcomputer

    srcomputer Member


    i will be very happy
    if you fix that
  4. 211reddog

    211reddog Well-Known Member

    i was going nuts one night tryin to figure out what that was all about. thx ! what i was confused about was if i went .../mnt/sdcard/ there was a mnt folder after sdcard or vice verca sdcard/mnt/sdcard/ i forgot. and then i took out my sdcard yo try iy on a tablet i got, and i expected all my musivc to be on the card, and nons all ovr, but it was if the sdcard was still in, but i was used to my admires way. so what is the benefit and reason to move an app to internal storage or to phone? if it isusing an card for isome of its memory and it runs out, in the meantime the microsd was out of the phone, what happens to the installed software?

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