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Lg optimus me (p-350) boot loop

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  1. denzelsoto

    denzelsoto New Member

    My phone is
    LG Optimus me P-350 android 2.2.2 froyo

    I successfully rooted my phone using GingerBreak before
    and installed Android Overclock app and applied on boot option
    and also accidentally change my LCD dencity and forgot what was the default and change it to 120

    when I rebooted my phone it was stuck on androids logo

    I tried battery pull over and over and was able to open my phone again
    I cant press apply on boot cause it wont lit or something when i press it so
    I uninstalled the app hoping it would fix it and tried to boot it again but it still stuck in androids logo

    for a day I was trying to get it opened again tried safe mode and adb reboot and was able to open it again using battery pull
    and tried to use factory reset

    my problem know is that it was stuck in lcd density 120 and is not rooted anymore
    I tried to install lcd density app but it requires root and needs to be reboot
    and found out its still stuck in androids logo and the only way to open it is using recovery mode

    I cant root it cause it needs rebooting
    my question is is there a way to root my phone without rebooting it?
    I cant use GingerBreak anymore and SuperOneclick does not work at all

    I also cant use adb shell su cause it will require me to press the ok button in my phone but I cant press it cause my screen is too big and you cannot scroll down the screen

    or is there a way to change lcd density on unrooted phones?
    cause I don't think overclock on boot is not my problem anymore
    cause I checked adb bugreport and I can no longer see overclock on startup unlike before I used factory rest where you could see that it was having problem on overclock app

    I tried to look for any answer in the net but no luck

  2. denzelsoto

    denzelsoto New Member

    can anyone help me?
  3. denzelsoto

    denzelsoto New Member

    here's a screenshot of superuser

    and here's another screenshot
  4. zarkov3

    zarkov3 New Member

    first switch off your mobile..
    then press cancel+call+sound low button when it is in switch off mode...(for 10 seconds)..
    hopeit helps you...:)
  5. balong182

    balong182 New Member

    somehow my facebook app got stuck and I force closed it and then restarted the phone.. it didnt start after that...it froze on android loading screen...

    thanks for this tip, it helped me start the phone again.. however it deleted my installed apps.. I guess it was the "restore factory settings" shorcut....:)

    again.. thanks..^^

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