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  1. blobbydude1

    blobbydude1 Member

    So, I decided to install Void-Forever. Well, first I installed Clockworkmod which seemed to destroy the recovery partition or something. So I managed to repair that using KDZ updater by booting into Emergency mode and flashing the original V10b onto the handset. This kinda worked... but it kept bringing up errors saying "Android.process.acore" kept dying. I managed to install Void-Forever after this, which seemed to work alright, but then I decided to install a different rom because Void-Forever doesn't support mobile internet or something?
    Anyways, Clockworkmod gave an error about scripts not being supported or something, so I searched around and tried a different one, Xionia CWMA, which I had to install through the terminal emulator. That all seemed to work well, except when I rebooted my phone, it got stuck on the LG logo. I restarted and managed to get into Emergency Mode again, but KDZ updater gave the error 100 and 1002 every time I tried. I unplugged my phone and tried to restart, but now it just doesn't work at all. No recovery, emergency mode, nothing.

    No signs of life after plugging into socket charger, either.

    So, my question is: Is my phone completely destroyed? Is there anything I can do to undo whatever it is I did that ended up breaking it?

    Oh, and I made sure I disabled the LG Modem thingy before I used KDZ updater, so I'm fairly sure it wasn't that.

  2. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    Your phone doesn't turn on at all? The screen doesn't show anything (just like a phone with its battery removed)? If thats the case, your phone is now bricked, like really permanently bricked. Don't loose all hope yet. If you're still within warranty period, take your phone to an LG service center, say it isn't turning on, but never ever mention about rooting, installing another ROM, or even using KDZ. Most probably they will replace the motherboard (for free of course).

    Some other things I would like to say:

    1. KDZ might brick your phone even if you do all the steps right.

    2. When KDZ gives you the error and you're stuck at emergency screen, I'm guessing you removed the battery. That when your phone got bricked. Now don't ask me what you should have done at emergency mode, the thing is, as long as the screen is on and it shows something, there is always a chance you can fix your phone yourself.

    3. If a ROM gives you an error, the best thing to do is boot into recovery and restore your backed up stock ROM or if you didn't do that, flash a new ROM or reflash the old one. Thats the whole point of flashing a recovery - it makes your phone almost unbrickable.

    4. The "Android.process.acore" kept force closing because you didn't flash properly with KDZ. Never remove the USB cable untill KDZ shows "finished". You probably removed when it showed 100% or something.

    5. KDZ is not the best way to recover your phone, always keep it for last.
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  3. mak.3736

    mak.3736 Active Member

    if your phone cannot power up then your phone is bricked, you destroyed your mother board , same happened with me, thats why i donot suggest people to use kdz, i prefer to use lgmdp method instead.
    Any way if you have warranty goto service center and repair your phone for free, they cannot make out whether your phone had custom rom or recovery as its totally bricked ( i did the same and got a new handset).
  4. blobbydude1

    blobbydude1 Member

    Ah. That's... unfortunate.
    I didn't know there was any other way apart from KDZ updater to repair it once it got to that stage.
    Is there any advice anyone can give me for when I get another one of these phones? I would return it but I bought it cheap off of eBay and I can just buy another one. After all, it was my fault, not the sellers that I broke it.
    So yeah, Any tutorials that are easier to follow? Can you recommend any ROMS?
  5. mak.3736

    mak.3736 Active Member

  6. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    Andy's CM7 port is super stable and awesome. You can also try Andy's Phoenix ROM, it has a few bugs, but the ROM is beyond awesome! For both these ROMs, search XDA.
  7. blobbydude1

    blobbydude1 Member

    None of the CM7 ports ones that were based on it supported mobile internet; though, and that was what I basically bought the phone for in the first place. I first tried the CM7 port and then void-forever, then I tried Lightv2, but that was when I managed to destroy the phone.

    Are there any good ROMS that support data?
    Sorry for going a bit off-topic here.
  8. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    I've used the latest version of both Andy's and Mik's ROM, and data worked fine for me for both ROMs. Ask your operator to send gprs settings or something.
  9. blobbydude1

    blobbydude1 Member

    It wasn't that it didn't work at all, it was that it wouldn't connect past the Edge/2g network here (Australia, provider I was using is Telstra).
    I didn't think to try a different provider, though
  10. mike325ci

    mike325ci New Member

    Same issue here: phone bricked after freezing up during KDZ flashing of Gingerbread V20H ROM. Initially it hung at Emergency Mode, and I was able to connect to it via KDZ and LGMDP, although both software was unable to do anything to it. The LG Software complained about the primary partition and couldn't erase or reflash or anything...

    After that, I took out the battery to try to do a hard reset. Well, that's when the phone bricked for good. No power, doesn't charge with USB Cable plugged in, no emergency mode, no reset, nothing...

    It sounds to me like I have to JTAG unbrick it and there is no other solution. I can't even take it to LG for Warranty Repair because I bought an unlocked UK Orange P500 and I live in the USA, and they never sold that version of the phone here...
  11. userlg

    userlg New Member

    I have the same problem how I can fix LG P500h it has gone dead as device is without battery. And according to u it has burnt its mother board. Can u help me in fixing.
  12. userlg

    userlg New Member

    I have the same problem. I have destroyed my phone with my own hands. And LG is not caring for its customers. It has very difficult procedure to upgrade.
    Any how if any body knew the exact procedure so kind mail me at: rainisarhaider@gmail.com
  13. kdpandian

    kdpandian New Member

    I had Same problem they replaced my motherboard for INR 1,200 which is cheap considering its Original price of Motherboard INR 8,000/-

    Thanks to LG !!!

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