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    Package Content
    1x LG Optimus One P500
    1x LG wall charger
    1x LG USB data cable
    1x LG headset
    1x 2GB microSD memory card
    1x quick guide
    1x warranty card


    Official Site and Reviews
    LG India Optimus One Official site
    LG Optimus One Owner's Manual (8MB pdf)
    CNET Asia

    Recommended Apps & Games

    Backup & Phone Tools
    History Eraser
    Titanium Backup

    Browsers & Navigation
    Papago X5
    Opera Mini

    Comunication & IM

    Handy Apps
    Barcode Scanner
    Missed Message Flasher Free
    Tiny Flashlight

    Player Pro
    Vital Player

    Office & Works
    Office Suit

    Tasks & Files Manager
    Advanced Task Killer
    Astro File Manager
    Watchdog Lite

    Unspecified Apps
    Angry Birds
    Angry Birds Season
    aTilt 3D Labyrinth
    Doodle Jump
    Flight Director
    Fruit Ninja
    Hungry Shark
    NFS Shift
    Penguin Skiing
    Super Tumble

    General FAQs

    Why can't I root the phone using z4root, SuperOne Click or other apps?
    You can only root the phone if it's using system software v10c and earlier (Froyo 2.2). Froyo 2.2.1 (system software v10e) will not allow the phone to be rooted, thus you need to downgrade the system software to v10c or earlier versions.

    Everything that requires phone connection to computer seems to fail. What is the problem?
    Please make sure that you have installed the LG Phone USB driver correctly. Connect your phone and launch LG Mobile Support Tool, under the Options & Help tab, select Country & Language.Click OK, and the LG Phone USB driver should be installed automatically afterwards.

    Why do I face frequent microSD mounting problem?
    There are several reasons, from the system software to the microSD card. The stock system software that comes with the phone (out of the box), v10c might be one of the causes, therefore upgrading to v10e will most likely solve the problem. However, in many cases the problem can be solved by using a better microSD card, class 4 and above. It's not only recommended to buy and use a branded microSD card, it is COMPULSORY. Well, the given 2GB (1.76GB working capacity) microSD card will not be enough anyway. It's recommended to buy at least a Class 4 8GB microSD.

    *Flashing with custom ROMs seems to eliminate the whole problem, even if you run on v10a
    *Do not throw away the original microSD card. Do keep it.

    Why do I face terrible lag when I play games or after using the touch screen for a while?
    It is a bug in Froyo, since Optimus One CPU operates at a low frequency, 600Mhz, the problem seems to be more apparent. Sadly, there is still no official fix for this problem, but there is a workaround using ThunderG-Kernel CPU Spike fix.

    The phone drains my credit too much. How do I disable the data connection so I will only be using them when I want to?
    Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks
    -untick Data enabled and Data roaming
    -tick Use only 2G networks
    *you can still receive MMS in 2G mode

    How long can a fully-charged Optimus One last?
    Two days with normal wifi browsing, SMS, calls, moderate games.

    Is there a software that allows me to make a 99.9% backup of my phone settings and files?
    There is, try Titanium Backup.


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  2. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    Good post Sunil! sure would help noobs and 'wannabe' noobs understand more about the phone ;)
  3. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    I recommend you do not buy a class 4 8GB memory card. Class 2 or 4 memory cards work fine for sizes below 8 GB, but I have read on several other forums that a Class 4 8GB memory card will be unmounted frequently. I bought an 8GB Sandisk memory card, and it has unmounted 3 times in 1 month. The memory card that came with my phone however has nevr unmounted on its own. I am not sure whether my card is class 4, but I read about the experiences of several other users in other forums and many of them had upto 5 unmounts per day with an 8GB class 4 Kingston memory card. However, Class 6 8 GB memory cards works fine as far as I know and I have not seen reports of class 6 memory cards unmounting. So for 8 GB and above I would recommend a Class 6 memory card

    Note: I am a root user and I have partitioned my 8GB memory card into 2. I use the 2nd partition for linking apps to SD card using Link2SD. I do not know if the card unmounts itself because I have not properly partitioned the memory card. However, I intend to reformat my memory card in the coming weeks. I will let you guys know if the issue is resolved. But before buying a class 4 8GB memory card, please check other forums or do a google search

    Edit: I have not faced any unmounts since I made this post, and I didn't even have to format my memory card! Guess I faced that earlier problem because I didn't install the memory card correctly :D
  4. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Nice information, worthy of a sticky thread. ;)

    MEGASTAR New Member

    pl pl pl pl help me.....

    MEGASTAR New Member

    my fon's bluetooth only discoverable for just two minutes...hw can i change that???? Friends pl pl pl help me
  7. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings > Discoverable timeout >
    Select Never ;)

    NEOXID New Member

    It's strange but i do not have Discoverable timeout under bluetooth settings... HELP

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