Lg Optimus P500 Wifi issues ( obtaining IP address)

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  1. laim

    laim Member

    Hi i recently bought P500 ( 2.2 froyo ) and im unable to connect to the open wifi at my work place it shows excellent signal however it gets stuck at Obtaining ip address i have tried other wifi connections and some work ( or get connected ).

    I desperately need this open wifi at workplace to work, Any help in this regard would be much appreciated

  2. yuripg

    yuripg Member

    It may be a known bug: when you connect to a certain wifi, the phone is assigned an IP. Then the other times you try to connect to that same wifi the phone tries to get the same IP it had the first time and, if it doesn't succeed, it gets stuck at 'Obtaining IP address'.

    If it's a home/personal wifi, try to disconnect all other devices, reset the router then connect the phone.
  3. laim

    laim Member

    Its an public wifi so theres not much i can do, my friend is able to connect to the same wifi, so Im guessing it can be an issue with the wifi version or something like that, Im able to connect to other wifi's without any errors or delays

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