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  1. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm or deny that easytether works with the new sprint update issued a few days ago. I know the wifi tether is banned by sprint without paying. But what about easytether.

  2. BuckyGrad

    BuckyGrad Member

    Easytether still works without rooting. I'm using it right now. Cheers!
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  3. knightwolf123

    knightwolf123 Well-Known Member

    did you recently accept the new update?

    mine currently works but i keep putting off the update. i know it kills the backdoor wifi tether. just hoping to heck that it doesnt kill the apps ability to continue wiredtether
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  4. fidodido

    fidodido Member

    I can confirm that I have the VD update and was able to follow the instructions for EasyTether Lite to setup and use my Optimus S as a network tether.

    It's certainly not nearly as convenient as the Wi-Fi tether, but it does work.
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  5. Ivy547

    Ivy547 Active Member

    @BuckyGrad How did you make it work? I tried but I couldn't get it to even connect.
  6. BuckyGrad

    BuckyGrad Member

    Knightwolf ~ Yes, I have the recent update installed and usb tethering is still functional.

    Ivy ~ Make sure you install EasyTether and the Optimus drivers on your computer. On the phone you want USB debugging selected from Settings -> Applications -> Development.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. horate

    horate New Member

    easytether work good with the last update from the carrier
  8. chilinski

    chilinski Member

    I installed it AFTER the latest update and it took a bit of time. It needed the LGMobileUpdate tool to get it to work. After installing that, the drivers finally installed successfully.

    I also tried PDANet and that worked, too, after the drivers were installed with LGMobileUpdate. The program is called B2Cappsetup.exe.
  9. User Name:

    User Name: Active Member

    Is there any way to get the update to stop showing up.i don't plan on updating.
  10. Ez Duzit

    Ez Duzit Active Member

    When the update reminder pops up there should be 3 buttons. "Install Now" "Install Later" and "More Info". Click on the more info button. Then pull the battery. Wait a minute or so then put the battery back in and turn on your phone. The reminder won't show up anymore.
    Just an fyi, Although this will stop the update reminder, the 12.9mb update file is still on the phone somewhere, but at least you don't have the reminder to deal with anymore.
  11. cavier

    cavier Member

    Guess I am just an idiot, nothing seems to work. ACK Very annoying.
  12. Mskewlgal

    Mskewlgal New Member

    I'm so frustrated & hoping someone has solved this problem. I use a Transform & a MacAir computer. On Jan. 27th of 2011, I tried EasyTether Lite & it worked great! Then I bought the full software...still worked great. Used it with no problem for six weeks. At that point, I followed the prompt to update my Android system to 2.2. Now my computer rarely notices the tethered phone. If I turn the phone off & then on, SOMETIMES the EasyTether will connect...for no more than 1-3 minutes. Then, the network connection window on the Mac tells me that "either the USB cord is no longer connected or the device on the other end is not responding."

    I've tried: battery in & out, reset to factory specs, debug selected & then not, screen locked awake & then not....all on the phone. On the Mac, I've cleared my plist, caches, & performed a power reset.

    The MacAir only has one USB port, & my two other USB items (camera & external HD) show up just fine.

    I'd really appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!
  13. rumplesteelskin

    rumplesteelskin Well-Known Member

    This is not a transform forum but I read some optimus users saying they had to install phone drivers from lg to get ez teth to work p roperly . We run 2.2 on optimus . So maybe your mac needs the phone drivers for 2'2 .have you tried pdanet or hotspot widget or quicksettings.?
  14. he_slices

    he_slices Active Member

    shut up! dude i tried to root my phone but it wont take z4root , this was after i was finally able to downgrade it, tough love
  15. andrew1562

    andrew1562 New Member

    ok im kinda new to this stuff.. but i am having trouble connecting my optimus to a windows 7 laptop.
    I have installed Easytether pro on to my phone and then installed the x64 bit for windows 7 but once i check usb debugging the easytether program on my computer says "No devices to connect to"

    Can anyone help me here
  16. he_slices

    he_slices Active Member

    andrew1562 did u restart the computer after u installed the drivers for the easy tether ?
  17. andrew1562

    andrew1562 New Member

    yeah, i just tried reinstalling the easytether on my computer and then restarted it but it still says there is no device to connect to....
  18. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    You may need to reinstall the LG phone drivers onto your computer. Also, your default drive for external devices may already be in use which may be why the device is not detected even though it may be working properly. So you may want to check that and change if necessary. I've had that happen to me before.
  19. Aristo

    Aristo Member

    Thanks Ez, worked out for me.
  20. MrNiceGuyCHN

    MrNiceGuyCHN New Member

    I want to confirm that easytether still works. The setup is relatively easy except for one problem at the end. Apparently LG phones need additional drivers in addition to the original setup package. Here is a helpful video with step-by-step instructions:

    YouTube - How to install Easy Tether for Windows

    After those steps are done install the LG drivers. Drivers are found here:

    Download EasyTether drivers - EasyTether for Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora and game consoles

    After this step, easytether will recognize your lg phone (make sure usb debugging is on)
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