LG Optimus S - facebook problem, HELP

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  1. tangel

    tangel New Member

    hi everyone,

    I just got this phone last week and it was pretty good.
    I logged in the LG facebook application on the first day and it worked fine.

    then after that, everytime i tried to log in, it told me "Server Error: there was an error processing your request. Try again later.":confused::confused::confused:
    i tried 3 days in a row and still couldnt go on facebook LG. also my frd used his account and password to log in on my phone, same thing.:(:(:(:confused::confused:

    Can anyone help me please??? thank you!:)

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    I did a quick check of the Optimus S forum and say no similar reports. For that reason it might be prudent to try doing one or more of the following:

    1. Go into the Applications app under Settings in the App Drawer. Go to Manage Applications -> All -> and then find the Facebook app. Click on the App and do a clear data.

    2. Delete all Facebook credentials from the phone, reboot the phone, and then re-add the credentials.

    3. Boot the phone to the Recovery menu and do a clear cache. Once done reboot the phone.

    4. Do a factory reset on the phone. Be advised that this deletes all data on the phone so back up anything of value first.
  3. GuillotineDream

    GuillotineDream Active Member

    You will get that error if you aren't connected to a network. That might be your problem. Make sure you are connected to WiFi or 3G. Other than that I'm not too sure.
  4. luvlieeiis

    luvlieeiis New Member

    It's not a connectivity issue because I'm at home on my wifi right now and I have the same problem.

    Resetting your phone back to factory settings helps for a few days. And then *poof* - server error - again.

    Any new suggestions?
  5. ipagevsfatcow

    ipagevsfatcow New Member

    The phone itself may be the problem


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