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    May 23, 2012
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    The power button breaking on this phone seems to be quite a common problem, but I've yet to find a solution to just getting the phone to turn on or charge when the battery has died.

    The power button has been broken since right after I got the phone. That was not a huge issue, I just had the screen time out after 15 seconds and whenever the battery died I would plug it in and it would turn right on. It no longer does that. It cycles between the LG screen and turning off. I read elsewhere to unplug it on the LG screen, but instead of booting up, it turns back off as soon as I unplug it.

    I brought it into a Sprint repair store and they basically shrugged their shoulders and sent me to buy a new battery, which I did. When putting that battery in, it started right up. But of course I stupidly let the battery die again, and now I'm stuck in the same mess. Surely I don't have to buy a new forty dollar battery every time I let the battery die?

    ***A thought occurs***
    Should I use my husband's phone (same one) to charge my battery? Is this seemingly brilliant solution actually a bad one?

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    Jan 18, 2011
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    Yes, I

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