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  1. bkmollen

    bkmollen Member

    Looking at two different phones from Sprint.

    LG Optimus S vs Samsung Intercept

    The Intercept has the slide out keyboard which I like.

    Also the Interscept doesn't 't connects to broadband router or support multiple simultaneous user. What does that mean???

    Looks like everything else is the same. However you cannot get Flash on the Optimus.

    Any thoughts?

  2. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    My wife has had both phones and she loves the optimus s. It is of course all preference but I would say for the money the optimus is a much better phone. The screen is better and it does not freeze up as much as the intercept did. She is way happier since I got her the optimus.
  3. bkmollen

    bkmollen Member

    I've seen a lot of bad review on the Intercept. Leaning toward Opt-S.
  4. MarylandBill

    MarylandBill Member

    The mid-range Samsung phones have, so far, been rather disappointing (at least if their owners can be believed). While they have 800 Mhz processors, they don't seem to be as well sorted out as the Optimus. As a result, there generally have been complaints of lag. The Optimus on the flip side has gotten a reputation for over performing. I have one and its quite nice.

    One last detail. The Samsung mid-range phones are still at Android 2.1. They may, eventually get upgraded to 2.2, but I, personally would be surprised if any of them other than maybe the Transform sees an upgrade to 2.3. Meanwhile LG (Though not necessarily Sprint) has committed to porting gingerbread (2.3) to the Optimus line.

  5. bkmollen

    bkmollen Member

    Sprint's website states that the Intercept has 2.2.
  6. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    I don't have a transform but this is a good summary of what I've heard to date on the transform vs. optimus disucssion.
  7. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Intercept = Chevy Aveo
    Optimus S = Corvette ZR1

    Any questions?
  8. bkmollen

    bkmollen Member

    Love it. That is the best reply in the thread.
  9. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I agree with those two cars... I think if you are going to go for a car analogy you should be looking for a car that was marketed as fast... but wasn't (the transform). And conversely, for the optimus S, it should be a car that was an incredible bargain, reliable and surprisingly fast without being flashy.

    So, maybe a Jag X-type as compared to... I'm struggling what fits into that second slot.
  10. MarylandBill

    MarylandBill Member

    I have it. Compare the MK I Golf GTI with any contemporary American Muscle Car :).

  11. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    I'm good with that... but I may have to one up that with a golf r32. I don't own one, but I did test drive one and it was an incredibly un-assuming looking vehicle that went like stink and felt like it could drive thru brick walls.

    And don't get me wrong... I like muscle cars but it's amazing what they've crammed into that little hatchback.
  12. jwp1223

    jwp1223 Well-Known Member

    So who exactly is the muscle car?
  13. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Get the Optimus S and don't look back. The intercept has had bad reviews and from what I hear is a "dead" phone. No plans for upgrades on that one. The optimus is the best phone I have ever had. Very stable, nice size, responsive screen, so many great things about this phone. I cannot say enough. You will NOT be disapointed in the Optimus.
  14. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    And as for the flash, you can download browsers like Skyfire and that will allow you to go to sites that have flash and view flash stuff.
  15. K4KAI

    K4KAI Well-Known Member

    I used the Samsung Intercept while on Virgin Mobile. The Intercept is a "lazy dog" at best. The lag is horrible and overall performance of the Intercept leaves much to be desired.

    I went to Radio Shack and opened a new Sprint account and ended up with a free (absolutely no cost, not even sales tax or activation fees) LG Optimus S. After finding the new Optimus to be fast, reliable and easy to learn, I ported my Virgin Mobile to Sprint. It now costs me twice as much for my Sprint service, but am pleased to say that the Sprint service is ten times better than Virgin Mobile and the Samsung Intercept. Note that the Intercept is the only Android device offered by VM.

    Merry Christmas to all !!!
  16. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    Funny. I thought Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network for signal and stuff.
  17. MarylandBill

    MarylandBill Member

    Oh sorry, I forgot that that term would not have much meaning to those outside North America.

    Essentially, they were cars that got started in the 1960s that were built around the simple concept of putting the biggest engine (V8) in the car that you could. Everything else, including steering and braking was a strictly secondary concern. Famous examples include the Camero, the Trans Am, GTO, Challenger and Charger.

    The reason I chose them was that by the late 1970s and early 1980s, emissions and fuel efficiency standards had sapped much of their power. While a 1970 Muscle Car certainly had more than 300 HP, the 1980 version of the same car was was lucky to make 150 HP. In contrast, the original GTI was built on an econobox platform, and didn't produce a ton of horse power, but it was so light and well sorted, that it actually out performed contemporary muscle cars.

    A similar example could be found in the original Mini Cooper, a car that so out performed its humble origins that some races found ways to ban it to allow cars with better heritages a chance to win.

  18. MarylandBill

    MarylandBill Member

    Yeah, the r32 is a great car... but it is hardly a budget wonder in unassuming clothes that the original GTI was.

  19. ulw1

    ulw1 New Member

    I have have been a fan of Android phones for several years now. My Touch, Samsung Moment, Motorola Backflip. I recently purchased the the Optimus due to limited funds and I have to say I am very pleased. Wow, it is so responsive and to be a free phone with froyo and scheduled to get gingerbread. Not to mention hotspot capability, and multitouch. I will say I am disappointed with the amount of memory for saving app but now that you can save them to the sd card thats cool too.
  20. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    I agree. On the memory for installed apps... if you are up for it you can also root your phone and load a custom rom that will free up a lot of space. The thunderrom on android central gave me around 50MB of additional space over the stock ROM.
  21. jwp1223

    jwp1223 Well-Known Member

    Are you fkin kidding me? Why don't you take a gander at what state I live in...I was asking what phone you thought was the muscle car....not what is a muscle car...I know what a Muscle car is considering I own 68 Challenger and a 67 Charger
  22. speciala106

    speciala106 Active Member

    Coming from samsung moment I am extremely pleased with this phone, I'm not missing the keyboard at all except for emulators. But snesoid even has a really god virtual keypad.
  23. WC Jerome

    WC Jerome Well-Known Member

    Not anymore!! The Optimus S (soon to be the 'Optimus V') is coming to Virgin Mobile!! :)
  24. kahale

    kahale Well-Known Member

    i miss the keyboard a lot. i love my optimus s though so much faster then the moment. i wish the optimus s actually had a hardware keyboard, then the phone would be complete for me. can never get what i really want in a phone/carrier. -_-
  25. yfan

    yfan Well-Known Member

    I agree. Not that having a hardware keyboard wasn't nice; it was. But I have adopted nicely to the virtual keyboard (still can't decide between Swype and the Android keyboard). I am actually getting good at even texting fairly accurately and fast as well.

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