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  1. Kvnhager

    Kvnhager New Member

    So everytime I try to move any app from the internal phone memory to my sd card, the phone restarts. REALLY annoying. All the apps I've found only take you to the same screen you can get to from "manage applications"; as soon as I press "move to sd card" the phone just restarts.....

  2. Racj

    Racj Member

    Have you tried putting a different memory card in your phone? Maybe its bad.
  3. cesarmr

    cesarmr New Member

    I have the same problem, changed to a new SD Card and nothing happened... Does anyone know what may have gone wrong?
  4. comish4lif

    comish4lif New Member

    I am able to move apps, and there's an app "App 2 SD" that I use to manage moving apps from the phone to the card.

    However, I have next to no available space on my phone - but plenty of space on the SD card. I've moved apps there, so, I know it's working. But, there are many apps that cannot be moved and must stay on the phone's memory (not the SD card). Often, I will download a new app, see that it cannot be moved, then I have to delete it.

    Other than rooting the phone, is there another way around this? Would love to ditch SCVNGR and Virgin Mobile Live, but they are locked on.:mad:
  5. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Nope. The only way to remove system apps is to have root access to the system as a super user.

    I'm rooted. I have 150? apps installed. 16GB class 4 Sandisk uSD card(the best read speed of any uSD card out there). 2GB partition formatted to FAT32 (most any ROM will be OK with this format). Link2SD.

    I still have 120MB of space left on the internal storage.
    The trick I've found to partitioning for members new to partitioning an uSD card is to first use the recovery to partition it (advanced section of recovery). This will format it to ext.3 though (not good on a lot of ROM's). Then use Mini Toll Partitioning Wizard to reformat the partition to FAT32 or ext.2
    This way you don't mess up the partitioning part.
    There is more, but only if you are intrested.
  6. rbts01

    rbts01 New Member

    The best is not to use any apps, including facebook, twitter and messaging, that utilizes the internal storage.

    For social networking - get hootsuite or some other client and store it on your sd card.

    For messaging - use google voice.

    For email - use gmail.

    And move all pics to the sd card.

    Reason for this - Facebook and Twitter, once linked to your account - take up most of the phone's internal storage! This renders the phone useless. SO - don't use the native FB and Twitter apps. You'll free up space and be able to use the phone.

    But keep in mind that any app you download will leave footprints on your phone even if you move them the apps to the sd card. So really, this phone doesn't provide a good android experience unless you root the device. But if you find workaround for the basics and keep things relatively simple, you'll make out ok.

    Recommendation - UNINSTALL facebook and Twitter and download a client, like hootsuite, that you could move to the SD card. And use Google Voice for Text messaging.

    Hope this helps. I've only had the phone a month and have been very frustrated. But now that I found this workaround I rather like this phone.
  7. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    I just rooted my phone. ALL of my apps are on the SD card even the ones,which cannot be moved otherwise. I never have any problems with storage space now. Currently I'm using only 45MB of my internal storage.
  8. law2grace

    law2grace New Member

    I rooted my LG Optimus Slider using the LG Esteem program and got the message in the cmd window that my phone had been rooted successfully. I still couldn't move apps from internal storage to my SD card, so got the "Root Checker Basic" app to make sure that my phone was indeed rooted. I got a "Congratulations, your phone is rooted" message from that app. I *still* can't move apps to my SD card - that option is grayed out. I am new to smart phones, so maybe I'm missing a step that the successful "rooters" are doing to be able to move the "immovable" files to the SD card. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I'm tired of getting the "low internal storage" message on my phone.
  9. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    You need to make a second partition on the SD card and use linksd and link the files..not move them.
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  10. ladonnast

    ladonnast New Member

    You need to make a second partition on the SD card

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