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    Ok, so I've seen a lot of threads about the LG Optimus not connecting to the WiFi at home. And it seems that the issue was the password not being put in correctly. Well, here's where mine differs.

    My router isn't broadcasting it's SSID. I've gone in and looked at all the settings, made sure I've got it spelled correctly/capitalized where it needs to be before I type it into my phone.

    The phone is through Virgin Mobile, and is running 2.3 (B/c I don't know how to root to update and I don't want to mess it up.. ^^'''')

    The Router:
    She's a Belkin. Like I said above, the SSID is not broadcasting. The Protected Mode is off. The bandwidth is set to auto. And the QoS is off. There is no WPS. And no MAC filtering. It's also not an access point.

    I'm just all sorts of confused as to why I can't connect.
    I've tried resetting the router. Tried turning off my phone with the WiFi on, then tried again with it off. I can connect to every other WiFi, just not my own. :/

    Help please!

  2. ChibiTora

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    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  3. ChibiTora

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    :( Still sad with no WiFi.

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