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  1. Raymond01

    Raymond01 Member

    I have this phone and bought 32gb sd card. I notice when i hitt more than 200 text messages, i get that message that phone storage is too low. The only way i fix this problem is when i clear my browser which is never more than 10mb. The other thing is i delete my text messages. Is there a way to fix this problem without deleting my browser history?

    I know i have apps on my phone and almost all i do not use. Should i just uninstall all of them? I installed app cache cleaner, app2sd and link2sd and i cleared the cache for many programs but not all because i dont want to risk erasing important data.

    I also notice my email always updates whenver i get an email. Could this be one of the reasons for this? I have programs like local, lookout that i never use. Should i delete them? Also, i always have popups that says i have 6 updates available. Could this be another reason? How do i turn it off then? Also, does this mean all my programs are currently running which is why this is happening? Im not computer savy at all.

  2. Dark One

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  3. Petrah

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    I used my OpV for over a year and never once saw an out of storage message, and I never used Link2SD. You just need to be diligent about keeping the phone cleared of cache, history, and not overloading the phone with apps.

    Read the stickies from here: FAQs - Android Forums
    Read this especially (it's a long post, but read it all because you will learn tons of important things: http://androidforums.com/android-applications/335110-why-you-dont-need-task-killer.html#post2681361
    Read this: http://androidforums.com/android-ap...s-unwanted-shortcuts-browsers-redirected.html
    And read this too: http://androidforums.com/android-ap...explained-security-tips-avoiding-malware.html

    Clearing the cache for apps will not remove important info. Clearing the data removes the info and resets the apps settings back to default.

    Disabling app updates from the Play store is not recommended. If the developer of one of the apps you have patches their app to fix a security issue, you'll need to get that update (this includes Google related apps). I do not recommend turning off updates.

    You can disable Google sync if you do not wish to get new gmail. Emails are saved server side on Google's end, so there's no worry about them taking up space.

    As for your SMS/MMS messages. If you are one that needs to keep every text message you can download something like SMS Backup from the Play store, and then back them up and move them from your SD to a computer/laptop. If you do not need to keep text messages, then you can trim down how many of them are saved at a time per contact.

    Open the default message app. Open Menu and go to Settings. You will see where you can set the number of saved text messages (the default is 200 I think) and where you can set the number of multimedia messages (picture messages). I recommend setting them both to 20. If you get tons of texts per day, you can set this to a lower number. What happens is if you have 20 text messages and someone sends you 1 more, the oldest text message is deleted.

    This should keep you from seeing the out of storage message.
  4. metal571

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  5. jada693

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    When I try n download an app it gives me that error message. I have nothin on my sd card bit when I look at the storage it says it full. I don't understand. Is there hidden files on my card.
  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Download storage analyzer and have it check out the SD-card.
  7. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    DiskUsage is what I use too. Consider using Link2SD like I mentioned above still. It basically makes the phone usable in terms of number of apps you can install.

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