LG Optimus V (Virgin Mobile) Update any time soon?

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  1. bastienandrew

    bastienandrew New Member

    I was wondering if my LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile would get an OS update any time soon, because it seems like every other carrier that has the Optimus V has already updated to Gingerbread. Will this happen in the near future? if not, does anyone have an idea when? Thanks.

  2. Predrag

    Predrag Member

    I don't have any inside information of any kind, but I'm not really all that hopeful. The phone has been out for almost a year, and at this point it will likely be nearing its end-of-life status at Virgin. I sincerely doubt they'll bother delivering the Gingerbread update at all.

    Custom ROMs seem to be the only viable option at this point (for those who have enough time on their hands to actually play with their device).

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